Lilly's Tacqueria

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The best tacqueria in town! Delicious!

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Courtney Gray


The best little taqueria in town. Lilly's, first of all, isn't open on Tuesdays- (just to stick it to the Taco Tuesday crowd, I like to think)- and I love them all the more for it. The menu is simple- street tacos, a double corn tortilla, some perfectly marinated meat, onions, cilantro, done. For the brave souls, you can get such exciting selections as eyeball and tongue, but the pork is all I've ever needed. Be sure to ask for grilled veggies on top of your meat- and for all you vegetarians, their secret veggie taco is actually pretty awesome! The line will stretch out the door at lunchtime, but isn't that how you know a place is great? Order at least 3…you'll wish you'd gotten double once they're gone.

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Lilly's Tacqueria

310 Chapala St
Santa Barbara, CA, 93101
34.414251, -119.694513

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