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Good, fast breaks with easy access to downtown is what this surf spot is all about.

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Quick waves, easy access and a reliable surf break make this area a popular and fun destination. 

What Makes It Great

Hammonds and Corral Casino offers fast surfing. The Hammonds break is traditionally a right-hander, breaking off a cobble stone reef. This produces a good, fast wave for short boards and long boards alike. The Corral Casino break, which is located just south of Butterfly beach, is a beach break that is more suited for short boards. Big swells tend to close out Corral Casino and Butterfly.  There are few take off points that cause some congestion in the line up. The rocky bottom may inspire some surfers to wear booties. The proximity of the wave to the downtown area makes it a convenient spot to get in a post-work session.

Who is Going to Love It

This area is a good level for all surfers, though newer wave riders may get thrashed around a bit by the fast waves. 

Directions, Parking, & Regulations

Head towards the ocean along San Ysidro Lane. It will eventually turn into Eucalyptus Lane once it has passed under highway 101. Follow this road to Hammonds Meadow Trail at the beach parking and walk in from there. 

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Hammonds/Corral Casino

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