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A forgiving right hand point break with easy access from downtown.

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David Duron


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Destination Distance From Downtown

3.9 miles


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0 hours


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All Seasons

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While not the most dynamic surf beach in town, it's easy to access and when the waves are good, it's a fun place to get in some mellow rides. 

What Makes It Great

Often referred to as the little brother of Hammonds, Miramar is typically a smaller wave than most. It's perfectly suited for long boards. Miramar doesn't work on most tides and swells, making it less consistent than most other breaks in Santa Barbara, but easy access and proximity to the downtown area make it a convenient spot to grab a session; if the wave is working, that is. Definitely worth checking out! 

Who is Going to Love It

Long boarders who are willing to risk wimpy waves will be rewarded on the days when the surf picks up. It's not the best place for shortboarders but once in a while, the waves pick up enough to make it worth a try. 

Directions, Parking, & Regulations

You can access the beach at the end of Mirada Road / Highway One at Half Moon Bay. 

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