Prospector's Steak & Ale

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Prospector's Steak and Ale is the perfect place for refueling after an adventure in the Steven's Pass area. Deliciously hearty food!

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Leah DeAngelis


If you're heading back to Seattle on Highway 2 from Stevens Pass, then you must stop by Prospector's Steak & Ale to have some hearty refueling food. They offer an affordable menu replete with home made bread and buns for the wide selection of burgers and sandwiches. They've also got some delicious beer and fries. Basically, all the very best as far as heavy, post-workout comfort food goes. It's a dive bar/restaurant atmosphere with Karaoke and a friendly staff, and you can't beat it. 

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Prospector's Steak & Ale

201 Croft Ave
Gold Bar, WA, 98251
47.856847, -121.700732

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