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  • Night Skiing Near Seattle: Scoring Sweet Turns After Dark

  • The Hoh River Trail: Seattle's Most Epic Backpacking Trip

  • How to Choose the Right Spring Break Apparel

  • 5 Ways to Explore Olympic's Rarely Visited Staircase Region

Recent Stories

  1. How to Thru-Hike the Enchantments Without an Overnight Permit

    Welcome to the Enchantments, arguably the most coveted, and highly regulated, backpacking destination in Washington—where you need a nearly-impossible-to-acquire overnight permit to explore....Or do you?

  2. Visiting Goldmyer Hot Springs: Western Washington's Natural Spa

    After decades of neglect and overuse, Goldmyer Hot Springs today is a tiny, steaming oasis in the middle of Western Washington's temperate rainforests.

  3. An Ode to the Otherworldly Snowpeaks of the Pacific Northwest

    The High Cascade snowpeaks of the Pacific Northwest are unlike any other mountain range in the world. Here, we take a closer look and gain a deeper appreciation for these otherworldly peaks.

  4. Planning a Trip to Hawaii? There’s Something You Need to Know

    Ahhh, Hawaii. Let’s just say it’s not known as “The Paradise of the Pacific” for nothing. But with the ongoing threat of mosquito-borne illnesses, there are things you need to know before you book your trip.

  5. 10 Amazing (and Attainable) Thru-Hikes Across the Country

    Don't have time for a 4-6 month thru-hike? Here are 10 amazing thru-hikes across the country that can all be done in a month or less.

  6. 7 Reasons to Travel to a Copa America 2016 Game

    The oldest international soccer tournament runs through June 26. Here's why you should travel to see a Copa America 2016 game.

  7. An Insider’s Guide to the Best Camping Spots in Washington State

    From alpine peaks to tide pools, Washington has a spectacular variety when it comes to the best camping spots in the state.

  8. 5 Rarely-Traveled Day Hikes in Olympic National Park

    From secret rainforests to secluded summits, here's a sampling of some of the least-traveled trails in Olympic National Park.

  9. Mount Townsend

    Mount Townsend offers 360 degree panoramic views of nearly all of Western Washington and southwestern British Columbia, an absolute must-visit for anyone in the Seattle area.

  10. Wild Sky Wilderness: A Serene Outdoor Escape In Seattle's Backyard

    Just 90 minutes from Seattle, the protected Wild Sky Wilderness beckons with old growth forests, alpine lakes, and a welcome retreat into nature.

  11. Trail Running to the Beat of a Drum in Olympic National Park

    This is the story of Korey Konga—a Pacific Northwest ultra runner with an insatiable appetite for trail running the 900-miles of trails in Olympic National Park.

  12. Ride Around the Sound: One of the Pacific Northwest's Most Beautiful Rides

    Sign up now for Ride Around the Sound on Sept. 19, which features one of the most beautiful cycling routes in the Pacific Northwest.

  13. The Lay of the Land: An Encompassing Overview of Olympic National Park

    From spruce rainforests to soaring mountain peaks, Olympic National Park is a place of spectacular ecological diversity. Here is an encompassing roundup of its basic natural geography.

  14. Mailbox Peak—the Old Trail: Seattle's Most Technical Peak

    No Seattle-area hike is more legendary than the old trail up Mailbox Peak, with an elevation gain of 4,000 feet in over just 2.5 miles.

  15. The Hoh River Trail: Seattle's Most Epic Backpacking Trip

    Hiking the Hoh River Trail, which snakes through the middle of the Olympic Peninsula, is one of the best ways to explore this unique natural wonderland.

  16. 10 Best Hikes in Seattle

    The stunning geography of the Seattle area makes for an incredible variety of amazing hikes within easy reach.

  17. 93 Miles Around Mount Rainier: How to Thru-Hike the Wonderland Trail

    Planning a thru-hike of the Wonderland Trail? Here's your guide to Mount Rainier National Park's most epic and all-encompassing footpath.

  18. Q&A with Ultra Runner Jay Kuehner

    We sat down Seattle ultra runner Jay Kuhner to talks running -- his favorite events, how he gets ready and what running means to him.

  19. Jay Kuehner: Inspired by Pioneers

    Jay Kuehner, 44, moved to Seattle more than 20 years ago, following about a decade-long hiatus from the sport he had enjoyed since he was a kid.

  20. 10 Amazing Places to See on the Northern Olympic Peninsula

    Home to dense forests, glacial-fed rivers, and fern-clad box canyons leading to waterfalls, there are few stretches of land more beautiful than the northern edge of the Olympic Peninsula.

  21. Ski Whistler Blackcomb: A Winter Getaway Guide

    North America's largest ski resort has a whopping 8,171 acres. Here's how to ski Whistler Blackcomb, plus where to eat, sleep, and après.

  22. How to Plan a Menu for a Long Distance Backpacking Trip

    If you’re planning your first long distance backpacking trip, you’ll want to spend some time considering what to eat, how much, and when. Here's how.

  23. Fire on the Mountain: The Queets Rainforest up in Flames

    The Paradise Fire, as it's become known, is threatening to destroy the Queets Rainforest of Olympic National Park—one of America's only remaining rainforest ecosystems.

  24. The Best Trail to Tavern Pairings Near Seattle

    There's no better post-adventure reward than a pint or two. Here are five toast-worthy picks for trail to tavern pairings in Washington.

  25. How to Choose the Right Spring Break Apparel

    While figuring out where to go is part of the fun and excitement, many travelers dread another essential element of planning: the packing. Here's some intel on how to do it right.