Sioux Falls Greenway Trail System- Biking

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Explore Sioux Falls and its many parks, including the downtown area from the Greenway Trail.

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40.0 miles

Full trail is 40+ miles but there are many smaller sections.

Destination Distance From Downtown

326.2 miles


2 of 5 diamonds

This isn't difficult, but the whole loop could be difficult for the beginning cyclist or someone not expecting the distance.

Time To Complete

1 hours

The whole loop links most of the cities major parks and recreational areas. A total of 40 miles of trail is available. Most folks will likely complete small sections or out and back trips along the trail.


Spring, Summer, and Fall

This is mostly a spring, summer, and fall trail. Winter during snow fall could be very slippery for cycling but during warmer snow free periods it is still accessible.

Dog Friendly


People also walk, run, and walk dogs on this trail... there are dog parks along the trail.

Fees Permits


There is no fee to access this trail or the connecting parks on the trail. There is a form to register bikes that is mainly used to find the owner in the event a bike is lost or stolen.



The Greenway Trail System in Sioux Falls is an approximately 40-mile loop of paved bike trail that lies partially on the Big Sioux River in the Sioux Falls Metro. It connects area parks, including the zoo, and offers easy access to the downtown Sioux Falls area and the Great Plains Zoo, as well as Falls Park. Whether you're looking to train for some long miles, do some quick out and backs starting in a park, or take a relaxing cruise, there is a little bit of something for everyone on this trail. 

What Makes It Great

This trail connects several Sioux Falls area parks. Because there are so many entry and exit points downtown and in the parks along the trail, there are many options for out and back trips. 

You can do anything form a leisurely ride among wooded areas along the river, to the river walk type area in downtown loaded with shopping and restaurants (or grab a beer a Monk's!) and access Falls Park right on the trail. Anyone from a beginner to an advanced cyclist training for longer rides would have a great time on this trail. Just be aware that it is used for a multitude of things from jogging, walking, and running,  so during peak times you will have to be aware of others and slow it down a bit. 

Who is Going to Love It

This trail system offers something for everyone from the beginning cyclist, to someone who wants to see more of the Sioux Falls area, to someone with a much higher skill level that might be doing some training or getting a work out. 

Directions, Parking, & Regulations

Access the trail from many Sioux Falls parks or popular streets/ residential areas. A map at gives trail status and can help you find a place to stop off and unload the bikes. Parking is plentiful at a lot of the park areas and downtown. There is no cost to access the trail system. 

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Sioux Falls Greenway Trail System

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