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  1. Five Best Spots for Birdwatching in Alabama

    How many of the 430 bird species in Alabama can you spot?

  2. A Brief History of How We Get Outdoors (Online)

    Before the internet, if you can remember that far back, there was a time when the discovery of unique outdoor experiences was word-of-mouth, or warehoused in myriad guidebooks: Frommer’s, Lonely Planet, Falcon Guides, and the like.

  3. 5 Health Benefits of Solitude

    In today's overly connected 24/7 society, it can be difficult to find quality time with your spouse, kids and friends — let alone yourself.

  4. How long can the coronavirus live on surfaces, can I get COVID-19 twice, and every other question you might have about the pandemic

    Since the novel coronavirus began spreading throughout China in January, it has reached 104 additional countries and infected 109,577 people globally.

  5. A Hiking Regimen for Your Dog

    Want your pup to be fit for the trail? Follow this hiking regimen for your dog.

  6. Keeping Mobile Bay and “America’s Amazon” Safe: Mobile Baykeeper

    Here's how the Mobile Baykeeper organization protects Alabama's Port City and a delta known as "America's Amazon."

  7. What Makes Alabama a Great Tourist Destination for Visitors – and Residents

    From its mountains to its beaches, here are several things that make Alabama a great tourist destination for visitors and residents.

  8. Guide to Climbing Gyms in Boulder

    Boulder is a training ground for countless world-class athletes, and it’s not hard to see why. The People’s Republic has facilities for climbers of all interests and abilities.

  9. Why Lake Guntersville Should Be Your Next Weekend Vacation

    From its excellent water activities to its trails and ziplines, here are several reasons Lake Guntersville should be your next weekend vacation.

  10. A Guide to Alabama's State High Points

    Follow this guide to explore Alabama's high point, Mount Cheaha, and other surrounding peaks.

  11. How to Enjoy Nature, Even if You Have Seasonal Allergies

    Sneezing, coughing, and irritated eyes can ruin an outdoor adventure, so here's how to enjoy nature if you have seasonal allergies.

  12. The Best Places to Go Hammock Camping in Alabama

    From the Sipsey Wilderness to the Talladega National Forest, here are the best places to go hammock camping in Alabama.

  13. 9 Statewide (Non-Hiking) Trails in Alabama

    These nine statewide non-hiking trails in Alabama explore everything from barbecue to birds to wine.

  14. 13 Ways to Keep Your Kids Safe by the Water this Summer

    No matter where you spend your summer, if you’re near water, follow these 13 water safety basics.

  15. 7 Glorious Glamping Spots in Alabama

    If you love camping but still crave a little extra comfort these sites will get you a more luxurious night in nature than your tent alone can offer.

  16. How to Safely Train for Your Next Alabama Race in the Heat

    With a little extra work and planning, training for and running a race in summertime is not only achievable but rewarding as well.

  17. What You Need to Know About Summertime Bugs and How to Protect Yourself

    Here's how to protect yourself from summer bugs whether you're exploring the outdoors or grilling in the backyard.

  18. 5 Great Ways to Enjoy Gulf Shores/Orange Beach Away from the Sand

    The Alabama Gulf Coast overflows with opportunities to explore the great outdoors.

  19. 11 ways to Get Your Kids Off Screens and Outdoors This Summer

    With a little inspiration and planning you can keep your kids active and entertained sans tablets and tvs.

  20. 7 Recipes for Summertime Smoothies That Perfectly Fit Your Personality

    Whether you’re looking to get your daily requirement of fruits and veggies, recovering after a hard workout, or want something quick and nutritious for breakfast, one of these drinks is sure to do the trick.

  21. 8 Recipes for On-the-Go Snacks this Summer

    This summer, Make sure you have a snack bag full of healthy options you and your family can dive into when the hangry monster appears.

  22. Geo-Caching in Alabama: What It Is and Where to Go

    This worldwide, outdoor scavenger hunt will have your kids hooked from the first hike.

  23. No Driving Necessary: 10 Great Portland Adventures Via Mass Transit

    Lucky for local adventurers, Portland mass transit offers ample opportunities to explore nature, no car necessary. Here, 10 of our favorites.

  24. 8 Kid-Friendly Adventures in Huntsville

    From scavenger hunts to kayaking to seeing space rockets up close, here are eight kid-friendly adventures in Huntsville.

  25. A Guide to Teaching Your Kids How to Ride a Bike

    Expert tips to help get your children comfortable on two wheels.

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