10 Tips from Locals on How to Make the Most of Your Time in Logan

Logan, Utah, is known for its excellent hiking trails.
Logan, Utah, is known for its excellent hiking trails. Alan Cressler
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The bustling community of Logan is just 80 miles from Salt Lake City, but it feels a world away. Set in Cache Valley between the Wellsville and Bear River Mountains, Logan is home to Utah State University, and it has a friendly, small-town vibe. Logan offers fast access to outdoor adventures like hiking, biking, climbing, boating, and skiing along with world-class performing arts. We went straight to the source, asking locals what they would recommend for first-time visitors to Logan. Here are the 10 tips they came up with:

1. Explore the Wind Caves

The Wind Caves are one the top hiking destinations in Logan Canyon. Alan Cressler

Located five miles up Logan Canyon, this steep hike takes you four miles roundtrip and 2,300 feet up to a natural limestone triple arch and cave. On clear nights, views of Logan Canyon and the Milky Way make the Wind Caves one of the area’s most popular trails. If hiking at night, come prepared with headlamps to light your way. On summer days it’s best to hike early, as the trail is exposed and can be hot.

2. Embrace Your Inner Foodie

Logan has an array of unique and affordable locally owned restaurants, but foodies will especially appreciate a true taste of Cache Valley by taking a self-guided Cache Valley Signature Products Tour. You can visit more than a dozen businesses that make everything from cheese to cookies and ice cream to honey. And yes, there are samples! In addition to tasty treats from Gossner Cheese, Cox Honeyland, and Bluebird Chocolates you will also find handmade soaps, lotions, pajamas, and socks along the tour.

3. Take to the Rocks

Experienced rock climbers flock to Logan Canyon to ascend its overhanging limestone and quartzite faces from spring through fall. Cool canyon temperatures and low humidity make it enjoyable even in the summer. The majority of the canyon’s 275 routes are bolted sport climbs ranging in difficulty.

4. Camp Under the Stars

Logan Canyon National Scenic Byway is filled with scenic camping spots. Devin Stein

Enjoy the night sky or sleep in a cozy cabin at Hyrum State Park. This 450-acre manmade lake is a popular spot to boat, kayak, swim, waterski, wakeboard, and canoe. Canoe and boat rentals are available all summer long. Cast a line along the sandy shores and let the kids play along the beach. It's just 15 minutes from Logan in the town of Hyrum, so city amenities are easily accessible if you need them.

5. Hop on a Road Bike

Cache Valley and Logan’s diverse road biking options make it a popular place for new and experienced cyclists alike. Start with a flat, fast ride through Cache Valley’s beautiful rural farmlands—where you’re more likely to see a cow than a car. Then challenge yourself by pedaling 36 miles up and down Blacksmith Fork Canyon past canyon walls and hiking trails. Turn around at Hardware Ranch for a fast down-canyon descent.

6. Explore the Valley

Pick up or download a copy of the Heritage Driving Tour and spend a day or two visiting some or all of the charming 29 communities nestled in the 50-mile-long Cache Valley. It extends from Utah into Idaho and you’ll journey past huge fields of crops, cattle ranches, historic homes and untouched beauty. There are plenty of fun nuggets of information about each town and there’s even one called Paradise. Everyone should say they’ve been to Paradise and now you really can!

7. Go Fishing at Mountain Valley Trout Farm

Go fishing for trout in the shadow of the Wellsville Mountains. Explore Logan

You don’t need a fishing license to cast a line at Mountain Valley Trout Farm. Practice catch and release if you’d like, or keep the fish you catch and have it cleaned and filleted before you leave. Located in nearby Smithfield with a beautiful view of the Wellsville Mountains.

8. Catch a Show

Logan is Utah’s heart of the arts all summer long. They’ve got three historic theaters in their charming downtown and performers come from famous stages across the country. Utah Festival Opera and Musical Theatre presents grand opera and Broadway musicals with full orchestra, along with more than 100 concerts, lectures, classes, backstage tours and more mid-June through the first week in August. Catch a play at the Caine Lyric Theatre, which features a musical, mystery, drama and a comedy in repertory. Or take in a free concert at Noon Music at the Tabernacle every weekday mid-May through July. The longstanding popular series presents a variety of performers from flutes to harps to banjo to barbershop.

9. Hike Around Tony Grove Lake

Tony Grove Lake is an excellent camping spot, with hiking trails as well as fishing and paddling in the glacial waters. Jesse Terrill

If you're looking for an easier hike with a view, then hike to Tony Grove Lake This simple 1.2-mile trail winds around the lake. If you don't feel like hiking, you can rest your feet and take a kayak or canoe on its glacial waters. Fisherman flock to the beautiful lake too, but it’s actually best known for the spectacular summer wildflowers and brilliant fall colors that surround it.

10. Explore the Past at the American West Heritage Center

The American West Heritage Center offers visitors a look back at a time when the buffalo roamed—and you can see them for yourself. Explore Logan/Julie Hollist

Step back in time to experience the true Old West at the American West Heritage Center where history comes alive. Explore the Mountain Man Camp, pioneer settlements and 1917 working farm. Each venue has a variety of hands-on activities for you to try, demonstrations, and interpreters in period clothing to give you a taste of the past. Throw hatchets or learn to set traps with the mountain men; make rag dolls or compete in a two-man log-sawing contest on the pioneer site; learn to spin wool, weave rugs, milk a cow, check out the bison, or just enjoy the fresh mountain air and beautiful scenery on a wagon ride around the site.

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