11 of the Worst Race Day Photos

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We wish our friends at Seriously Ugly Race Pics¬†would update their Tumblr page more often because there may be nothing more glorious than a hideous race photo (on opposite day). For every picture of a lean, mean running machine there is bound to be a counterpart: frame them at your own peril. Here are eleven of our favorites — and if you want to see more (or submit your own) visit Seriously Ugly Race Pics.

Leader of the first wave of the zombie apocalypse?

The girl looks cute enough, but the guy on the left is the King of Pain.

Dog poop on the ladder?

He’s picking the best way to go.

Introducing the “smug ostrich”.

Try not to puke… try not to puke.

I wanna go home!

My basset hound makes the same face.

Must… strive…I…have…the eye of the tiger!

“Yes, the shortest shorts you have. Do they come in yellow?”

“Blerg, I mean hi Mom, blerg…”

Need to waste more time? Check out the full archives at Seriously Ugly Race Pics!


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