4 Reasons Why BicycleSPACE is the Best Bike Shop in Washington DC

Half gathering point, half "get your gear set" -- BicycleSPACE is part sales, part repair, and all about community.
Half gathering point, half "get your gear set" -- BicycleSPACE is part sales, part repair, and all about community. BicycleSPACE DC
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BicycleSPACE is without a doubt one of the most modern bike stores in the United States. You get that sense before you even enter the large, glass-faced façade on 18th street in the heart of Adam’s Morgan. The welcoming curb appeal could inspire once-in-awhile riders, and even non-riders, to walk through its doors.

Just inside, the scent of new bicycle tires and gear-grease intoxicates anyone who loves two wheels and an open road. They even have bike sculptures.

“Isn’t that neat?” said BicyclesSPACE’s co-owner, Erik Kugler, referring to a sky-high urban installation made entirely of bicycles. “It’s going to be attached to a trainer and outfitted with twinkle lights so guests at our store can hop on and bring it to life. It was designed by swatchroom.”

Bike Tree by Warren Weixler @swatchroom BicycleSPACE DC

Shining just as brightly as the artistic fixtures, elegantly simple displays, and flowing space design that showcases the bicycles they are selling, fixing, and rarin’ to ride. Looking around you can see any kind of bike you’ve always wanted (and others you didn’t know existed, but now really want too.) 

The business vision is four-fold: sophisticated gear, on-site technical service, free classes, and community events. Diving right in, let’s take each of those efforts one at a time:

Distinguished Gear

Bikes sold are carefully curated and have serious classic, yet sophisticated swagger. BicycleSPACE DC

BicycleSPACE carries carefully curated bikes and gear with distinctive styles that focus on function and classic details; exclusive brands, and well-crafted bike design. Classic commuter bikes, mountain bikes, and long-distance riders made by the world’s most trusted bike manufacturers are only the start of it. They have a variety of unique models of collapsible bikes perfect for bringing on the metro, and stability weighted cargo-toting designs perfect for training your kiddos to ride while you pick up groceries—both made by manufacturers sold exclusively in the U.S. And to top it off, bicycles that are just so darn attractive that you want to snap a pic for Instagram and pen it on your high-end wish lift. With all of that bike-posh, the store still manages to maintain a casual feel and welcoming environment as a neighborhood place where you can go to learn about bikes from staff and also drool over your next ride.

Onsite Technical Service

BicycleSPACE gear mechanic gets down to business. “It’s a labor of love.” BicycleSPACE DC

The onsite gear technicians are knowledgeable and passionate about bicycles of all shapes and sizes. Here, servicing bicycles is truly a labor of love. The onsite mechanics treat each bike with the same precision as mountaineers would have on a technical climb, or photographers would while snapping shots in the field. This year, the newly opened store was already named, the “Best Place to Get Your Bike Fixed” in the City Paper Best of 2015 Readers’ Poll—stomping out long-time competitors in the area. And all of the magic happens onsite in their open-air workshop in the back of the store.

Classes, Rides, and Events

Riders take on the weekly “Century Ride” in DC BicycleSPACE

Free weekly classes include anything from yoga – happening on Monday nights right in the center of the store – to new classes that are coming soon that will teach anything from how to tune your bike, to effortlessly fixing a flat tire while on the road (a skill every cyclist should know.)  Then, there are the rides. Drawing hundreds of participants, BicycleSPACE’s social rides are one of many reasons why the shop is emerging as one of the best companions for bikers all across the District. It’s a great way to learn new routes across the city.

These are the rides currently being offered (and devoured by local bikers):

Nice & Easy Ride – Saturdays and Sundays 10 a.m.  Downtown and Adams Morgan

Hills of Anacostia – Saturdays 8 a.m. Downtown

Hills of Rock Creek – Sundays 8 a.m. Adams Morgan

Sandwich Half Century – Every other Saturday 8am Adams Morgan | Aug. 8   Aug. 22   Sep. 5   Sept. 19

City Explorers – Sundays 11:30 a.m. Downtown

Cupcake Ramble – Saturdays 11:30 a.m. Downtown

#HappyThursday Social Ride – Thursdays 7:30 p.m. Downtown


The bike community gathers at the Cupcake Ramble, Saturdays 11:30 a.m. Downtown BicycleSPACE DC

BicycleSPACE is owned, run, operated, and shopped at by a passionate community of riders. Their goal of celebrating the long-standing worldwide tradition of bicycling is already off to a fast start resulting from early efforts to create spaces, places, and occasions that Washingtonians can attend whenever time permits. These outings enable locals to experience new parts of town, learn new ideas and innovations in the cycling community, socialize their participation with friends on social media, and contribute to local society of events that nurture civic pride as it relates to the outdoors. Pro cyclists and new riders are welcomed equally with open arms.

This article is focused on the AdMo store. But just down the hill lives the downtown sister location at 2424 18th St. NW—different part of town, same awesome vision.

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