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This week, Chattanooga welcomes thousands of athletes and their families for what should be an incredible first IRONMAN Chattanooga. Knowing where to swim, bike, run, explore, and eat during your time in Chattanooga, whether you’re competing in the event, or supporting a competitor, can help ensure a truly memorable experience. RootsRated and IRONMAN have teamed up to bring athletes and their families a series of insider’s guides for swimming, cycling, running, exploring, and eating in the Scenic City. Hope you enjoy, and we’ll see you out there!

1. The Camp House
Address: 1427 Williams St, Chattanooga, TN 37408
Phone: (423) 702-8081

Ry Glover

Why it's Great : As the sole local purveyor of North Carolina's venerable Counter Culture coffee, the Camp House draws coffee lovers from a wide radius around Chattanooga. The building itself was constructed in the early 20th century, and has since been renovated to create an inviting space of natural light with steel and wood rafters. It's frequented by freelancers, and if you decide to visit after normal business hours, there's often live music from regional bands. Thursdays are Open-Mic nights, which are always fun, whether you have a family member who sings, or you just want to listen to some local talent.

2. Chattz 
Address: 1010 Market St, Chattanooga, TN 37402
Phone: (423) 756-8890

Ry Glover

Why it's Great : Chattz has been proudly serving artisanal coffee to the Chattanooga community for 12 years, and their experience shows. Located on Market Street next to the Pickle Barrel, Chattz has a warm environment that attracts the city's business community each morning. The coffee is locally roasted by Chattanooga Coffee Company, which is located just down the road on Broad Street, and the aroma of fresh grounds can be smelled along the entire block.

3. Brash Coffee
Address: 1110 Market Street Chattanooga TN 37402

Ry Glover

Why it's Great : Forget the fact that Brash is located in the Manhattan-like shopping center of Warehouse Row. Or that the interior of the shop is chic and sleek with exposed brick walls, smooth hardwood floors, and rich mahogany tables. What makes Brash so excellent is the coffee. It is directly imported from farmers that the owners know firsthand, and then it's roasted and brewed by the baristas themselves. Talk about farm-to-table! The pour over is the best in town, and so too are the espresso shots.

4. Rembrandt's Coffee House
Addresss: 204 High Street Chattanooga TN 37403
Phone: (423) 265-5033

Fynn Glover

Why it's Great : Rembrandt's looks and feels like a cafe straight out of Europe. Located in the Bluff View Art District, nowhere else in Chattanooga can you find such a lovely little villa with stucco architecture and enticing aromas of specialty chocolates and French Roast coffee. Sit outside in the shaded courtyard and listen to the babbling fountain before exploring the Sculpture Garden and nearby Walking Bridge.

5. Greyfriar's Coffee & Tea Co. 
Address: 406-B Broad Street Chattanooga TN 37402
Phone: (423) 267-0376

Ry Glover

Why it's Great : Located in the heart of downtown, next to Lupis Pizza (one of the best pizza joints in town), Greyfriar's sneaks under the radar for many coffee lovers in Chattanooga. But it shouldn't. There are a number of different drip coffees to choose from (the French Roast being arguably the best), and they also offer some sweeter options that do a good job of not being  too  sweet. The Triple White Chocolate Mocha is a case in point. Sit on the couch on the raised platform in the back, and enjoy a game of chess if you're in the mood.

6. Stone Cup Cafe
Address: 330 Frazier Ave, Chattanooga, TN 37405
Phone: (423) 521-3977

Ry Glover

Why it's Great : Stone Cup provides unparalleled views of the Walking Bridge and direct access to Coolidge Park.  There is an outside deck for those wanting to enjoy their coffee in the sun, as well as comfortable leather couches inside. On pleasant days, the garage doors are drawn up so that customers inside can feel the breeze. Stone Cup's motto is the Turkish proverb: "Black as Hell, Strong as Death, Sweet as Love." Coffee is served in enormous ceramic mugs, and, to be blunt, it's strong.

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