50 Things to Do in 2015

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Nothing’s certain but death and taxes… And failing to complete your New Year’s resolutions, of course. That being said, resolutions and bucket lists are fun. So, here’s our list of 50 things you’ll probably get excited about at first and then forget about at some point during 2015. But! If somehow, you prove us wrong and manage to do every one of the things on our list, not only will you be a total badass with a ton of Instagram likes, lots of friends (and lovers), six-pack abs, and 50 insane memories, but we will also personally deliver you a cookie. Happy New Year!

1. Run a trail 50k.

2. Surf or paddle with dolphins.

3. Visit 6 national parks.

4. Ski in the summer.

5. Paddle in the winter.

6. Spend the night in the woods by yourself.

7. Compete in a climbing comp.

8. Have a beer at Dornan’s at sunset.

9. Take a plunge into an icy creek.

10. Watch the sun rise and set in the same day.

11. Go on a Century bike ride.

12. Swim a mile in the ocean.

13. See five Oregon waterfalls in a day.

14. Eat lobster in Maine.

15. Play Black Jack on a Mississippi riverboat.

16. Sleep on a crashpad.

17. Volunteer with a trail maintenance crew.

18. Backpack a 50 mile section of the AT, CDT, or PCT

19. Stay in an AT shelter.

20. Cross 6 state borders in one day.

21. Have drinks in a natural hot spring.

22. Take a multi-day paddling trip.

23. Rent a city bike in Minneapolis and ride around the Chain of Lakes.

24. Urban paddle through Chicago.

25. Swim in Havasu Falls.

26. Sleep in a hammock for a week.

27. Jump off a cliff that’s 20 feet or higher.

28. Spend over $50 at a local outdoor retailer.

29. Swim in a Central Texas swimming hole.

30. Camp on the beach with a member of the opposite sex.

31. Cook dinner over a campfire.

32. Get caught in a deluge while backpacking.

33. Put your cell phone away for a week.

34. See 5 or more shooting stars in a night.

35. Plant something, grow it, and then eat it.

36. Dawn Patrol on the slopes AND in the swells.

37. Eat a pound burger after a 20 mile hike.

38. Take a road trip down California State Route 1.

39. Actually eat an apple a day for a month.

40. Shower beneath a waterfall.

41. Summit two 14ers in a day. 

42. Have 5 or more dogs in your car at once.

43. Hike to the highest point on the East Coast.

44. Eat only fruits and veggies for a week.

45. Drink a 6-pack of beer and then run 6 miles.

46. Take a nap in a grassy alpine meadow.

47. Sled down a sand dune in Colorado’s Great Sand Dunes National Park.

48. Thru-hike the Tahoe Rim Trail.

49. Catch a wave during a tropical storm.

50. Write a destination review for RootsRated!

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