6 Places to Watch the World Cup in Chattanooga

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The beautiful game is about to kick off on the world's biggest stage. Even if you're not a soccer fan, or you prefer to follow club teams, you simply cannot deny the specialness of the World Cup. Tradition, national pride, sport, culture, and passion are only a handful of the things you can expect to witness at this year's tournament. And while visiting Brazil is obviously the ideal choice, a quality local atmosphere with great food & drink and jersey-clad customers is not the worst second option. Here are 6 places in Chattanooga that will definitely be brimming with all the excitement & emotion that make the World Cup such a special event:

1. Big River Grille

Big River Grille

As one of the sponsors of local semi-pro soccer team, Chattanooga FC, it's no surprise that Big River will be the official viewing grounds for the club & its organization. With that announcement, you can expect not only a batch of actual players who intimately know the game, but also a big chunk of CFC's large fan base. All the games will be played with sound in a designated area in the restaurant, and it should be a quite a fun time.

2. The Camp House

The Camp House has always been a great venue for watching soccer. There have been some large turnouts in recent years for big club team games, and the owner is an avid fan of the sport. This probably isn't going to be the place where beer is splashing out of mugs as fans rowdily celebrate a goal, but it will certainly have a special energy all its own... probably fueled by caffeine. Come here for daytime games.

3. Chatt Brew

Chattanooga Brewing Company's sleek, new location on Chestnut Street, right next to Finley Stadium, is a site to behold. This two-story building is truly beautiful, and the beer they serve has developed quite the reputation around town since its rebirth in 2010. For the WC, they will be featuring $3 pints and $5 pretzels with beer cheese. Consider watching a game here before watching a CFC game right across the street.

4. Tremont Tavern

The last World Cup in 2010 was absolutely nuts at the Tavern , and it's only going to be better this year. This English-style neighborhood pub was seemingly made for viewing soccer. With scarves from some of the world's best teams adorning the walls and about 20 beers on tap, (not to mention the best burger in town), this intimate little bar will definitely see you celebrating in the arms of strangers.

5. Brewhaus

If you're only going to watch one game this World Cup, make sure it's USA vs. Germany at the Brewhaus . This cozy gastropub, with its hearty food and great beer, serves up a delicious taste of Deutschland. Last World Cup, many local Germans made this their viewing headquarters, and this year the US & Germany face off in the group stages. It should be a very tense & exciting cultural experience!

6. Jefferson's

The American Outlaws, the official fan group of the US Men's soccer team, is making Jefferson's their home base for World Cup viewing. If you're in need of a hefty dose of patriotism, head to this college bar to join a truly raucous group of fans as they cheer on the stars & stripes. Jefferson's will be showing all 64 games and will be offering all sorts of beer specials along the way.

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