7 of the Best Disc Golf Courses in West Virginia

West Virginia has many popular disc golf courses.
West Virginia has many popular disc golf courses. Go to WV
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If you’re hunting down new disc golf courses to try, head to the rolling hills of the Mountain State.

If West Virginia is on your list for disc golf (and it should be!), we’ve done all the work for you and summed up the greatest spots to frolf:

1. The Black Course

This slightly hilly course in Moundsville, WV, was designed by Johnny Sias. Undertake all 18 holes at The Black Course, and you’ll cover about 9,114 feet— almost guaranteeing you’ll hit your 10,000-step goal. Expect some long drives and lots of open air in a beautiful, peaceful setting.

When you’re done frolfing, there’s plenty more to see in Moundsville, like the Palace of Gold.
When you’re done frolfing, there’s plenty more to see in Moundsville, like the Palace of Gold. Ryan Stanton

2. Barboursville City Park Disk Golf Course

Brand new as of 2016 and in great shape, the course in Barboursville, WV, is shorter than The Black Course, clocking in at just more than 5,300 feet in length for 18 holes. The course is in the middle of a city park of the same name, so expect to run into some non-golfers who are there for other reasons. To get to the course, park in the parking lot at Lake William and you’ll find the first tee just to the right beyond Shelter 8.

3. Coonskin Park Disc Golf Course

The Coonskin Park Disc Golf Course in Charleston is a scenic and beautiful course that’s great for beginners. There are just enough trees to make the course interesting, but it’s largely open, which makes it easier if you are just starting out. The majority of the holes (all of them but two, to be precise) are less than 300 feet long, and the course winds through woods near a road so it’s easy to keep your bearings straight throughout.

4. Dorsey’s Knob Disk Golf Course

Dorsey’s Knob Disc Golf Course in the college town of Morgantown is a popular spot with younger crowds. The course is hilly and grassy, which can make spotting your disk in the summer months a bit of a challenge, but everything else about the park gets rave reviews. You’ll find it along the eastern edge of the park off of Grafton Road. Dorsey’s Knob is a 71-acre beauty that overlooks the Monongahela River, so take a nature walk after you’re done playing disc golf to take in the stunning views.

Expect to see mountain-laurel like this all over as you frolf your way through Greenbrier State Park.
Expect to see mountain-laurel like this all over as you frolf your way through Greenbrier State Park. Eric Seiler

5. Greenbrier State Forest Disc Golf Course

Along Hart’s Run Road in Caldwell is Greenbrier State Forest, which has one of the best disc golf courses in the state. The course is a full 18 holes over about 5,434 feet. The first nine are largely open, and the last nine are mostly wooded, which makes for an interesting contrast in play. Check out detailed descriptions of each hole on their website. The descriptions are so thorough, it’s practically impossible to get confused out on the course.

6. Orange Crush

Orange Crush in Fairmont is a well-maintained course designed by Phil Burton and Joshua Smith that opened in 2007. Expect a workout when you undertake this course, since it’s super hilly, heavily wooded and has changes in elevation throughout. If the course tires you out, though, you don’t have to worry— there are camping options nearby in Prickett’s Fort State Park, so you can break up the course over a few days, or just kick back and have a good sleep under the stars when you’re done.

7. WVU Jackson’s Mill Disc Golf Course

WVU’s Jackson’s Mill Disc Golf Course near Weston is designed to provide fun and recreation alongside education— each tee has a kiosk with FDA-approved information about diabetes. The course also exposes people to historic Jackson’s Mill. The mixed course blends open and wooded elements and meanders through the entire campus, beginning and ending at the general store. With all but four holes clocking in at less than 300 feet, the course is great for golfers of all skill levels.

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