8 Charlotte-Area Races with a Twist

Robert Glover
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If your T-shirt drawer is stuffed with standard 5K shirts or if you want to run your first race and need something funky to get you motivated, here are 8 races this spring that will help get you going.

  1. Frigid 5K Run and Plunge

Sometimes after a good run you just want to cool off, in an ice-cold man made river, in February. OK, maybe not but it still sounds like fun. Plus, the packet pickup is at a brewery so, time saver.

US National White Water Center. Feb 15th


  1. NC Half Marathon and Twilight 5K

There are plenty of half marathons around but you might want to choose the one that lets you run on the Charlotte Motor Speedway, the dirt track, and the drag way. Plus you get to party in the garage after the race.

Charlotte Motor Speedway. March 8th and 9th


  1. Rockin’ Marathon Relay

Got a marathon on your bucket list but not into running really long distances? Get up to 3 friends and tag team the 26.2 miler. Bonus, there’s music and food while you wait your turn in the relay exchange zone.

McAlpine Creek Park. Maqrch 15th


  1. The Chocolate 5K

They give you chocolate while you run. No other words needed.

Reedy Creek Park. March 16th


  1. Sticks and Bones Trail Race

Your dog has been looking to rack up some miles and show that snot nose poodle down the street who has the 4 fastest legs on the block. At this race, after the traditional 5 and 10K, he’ll get his chance in the 1 mile dog jog.

Renaissance Park. March 29th


  1. Color Vibe 5K

If you’ve ever thought to yourself, “I’m sick and tired of finishing races without being covered in multiple hues of powdered paint” then this is the race for you.

Concord Mills Mall. April 12th


  1. Tuck Fest

There is a whole pile of races and activities at this one. Multiple 5K and mountain bike races for a start. There’s also bouldering competitions, a half and quarter trail marathon, and Stand up paddle board events (both flat and white water). Music, loads of demos like fly fishing and survival, plus plenty of food and drink.

US National White Water Center. April 25th, 26th, and 27th


  1. 5K Foam Fest

Not unlike the time Bobby flooded the Brady’s house by overfilling the washing machine (if you’re under 35 you may have to google that reference), the trail at this race is covered in foam.

Hodges Farm. May 3rd


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