A Conversation with 5-Points 50 Rider Lisa Randall

At the finish line of the PMBAR, with teammate Carey Lowery
At the finish line of the PMBAR, with teammate Carey Lowery Eric Weaver
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Lisa Randall is not your average rider: her perfect course would include several thousand feet of climbing, as well as twisty and technical singletrack riddled with roots and rock gardens, and if the singletrack could be uphill, rough, and bumpy, well, that would be even better. Randall loves hike-a-bikes (sections that require a bike carry), creek crossings, and sub-freezing temperatures. And for these reasons (minus the sub-freezing temperatures), Randall loves the 5-Points 50.

Here, we sat down with Lisa to discuss why she thinks the 5-Points 50 is such a special event.

How will you spend the day or two before Lula Lake 5 Points 50?

Last year we spent some time at Cloudland Canyon State Park so we’ll go back this year and check out some waterfalls and the start of fall colors. This is a late season race, so I'm focused more on spending some quality time with my family and not worrying too much about being fully rested, or about the 2500 stairs I'm going to have to hike up at the park.

Do you have special plans the night before the event?

My big plans for differences involve sleeping. I made a mental note last year to plan a bit better for the Lula Lake Land Trust 5 Points 50, and fully intended to reserve a cozy, dry cabin at Cloudland Canyon State Park. Of course I completely forgot until now so it looks like we will again be tenting it on the Lula Lake Land Trust property. Last year we did this and had the pleasure of a monsoon blowing through about 5 minutes before we got our tent up. All of our gear got wet including that of my 5 year old daughter. Try getting a good night's sleep before a race when both you and your kid have a soggy pillow...not gonna happen.

Getting dirty
Getting dirty musume miyuki

What will your morning before the race look like? Do you have special things you like to eat? Rituals?

I wake up and skip the real coffee since we are camping and I'm not motivated enough to make it—a Frappucino will have to do. Next I move on to some mashed sweet potatoes that I prepared the day before at home. I break down and boil water for oatmeal as I still need more fuel in the tank to keep the wheels turning. I garnish it with strawberries and bananas. About an hour before the race start, I eat a greek yogurt with beet juice powder mixed in. My child wakes up and demands a lavish Cracker Barrel breakfast, but she'll have to suffer through a banana and Larabar. Since we are camped at the race venue, I can ride my bike to the start line a half mile away and the camp will magically get broken down and packed up while I am racing. I love how that works! I’m not sure about rituals…

Can you describe how you plan to approach the race itself?

My warm up will consist of an easy spin around the gravel roads near the start/finish. The bulk of my pre-race anxiety comes from just wanting to make it out of the Land Trust Property without locking handlebars with any of my fellow competitors, so I’ll practice and visualize my route. Once we hit the paved road and head towards the 5 Points Trails, I’ll get in a groove and forget that I was cold and had to go to the bathroom while waiting for the start. I’ll latch onto a train of guys who are riding a good steady speed and attempt to avoid the wind as much as possible. After several miles, we make the final turn into the singletrack and then the real fun will begin. We’ll have to wait and see what happens after that.

You did Lula Lake 5 Points 50 last year. What will you do differently this year?

Hopefully this year the weather will cooperate and we’ll have a great race and then be able to spend some time lounging in the sun in our camp chairs.

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