A Panoramic Boat Tour of Lake Powell is Enjoyable in Any Language

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Can you say panoramic? Of course you can, and of course you live for that sort of thing—that’s why you’re visiting the lovely Lake Powell. But can you say “panoramic” in five languages?

While on one of the many boat tours offered from Wahweap Marina, you’ll have the option to hear an audio tour, with the included audio set, in one of five languages: English, German, French, Italian, and Japanese. So you might learn a thing or two (It’s “panoramica” in Italian, by the way).

You’ll board a boat with folks from all over the world to see the sites that the lake has to offer. The Panoramic Lake Powell Tour offered by ARAMARK at the Wahweap Marina is an excellent option, and heads across the state line to visit some of Utah’s majestic buttes only seen from the water.

What Makes it Great

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The Panoramic Lake Powell Tour takes you by a double-decker boat out to Gunsight Bay and back. This is an excellent option for those who don’t want to deal with the logistics of renting their own boat (or they can’t, for whatever reason) and would prefer to sit back and relax, and take in some views.

As you head out from the marina, you approach Castle Rock (get your cameras ready) and pass through the Castle Rock Cut, which grants you quicker access to Utah and beyond. The audio set provides historical information about the Native Americans who once called this area home, about the first explorers of the Colorado River—like John Wesley Powell (the lake’s namesake)—and the eventual damming of the river that created this massive body of water and reservoir for the West.

Enjoy some refreshments and the cool breeze as you coast across the water. While this tour doesn’t stop to let you out of the boat (some of the longer tours do), you will venture far and be able to see many awe-inspiring natural wonders. Note the “bathtub ring” which marks the lake’s high point at one time, and take panoramic photos once you reach Gunsight Bay.

The boat then turns around, and you can take it all in again. This tour lasts from 5pm - 7pm, which is an ideal time to get a softer sun and long, beautiful shadows from the area’s rock formations for your excellent pictures.

What You’ll Remember

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The shimmering water under your boat; the glamorous red rock buttes before you; the panoramic pictures you’ll take; a friendly audio tour about the impressive lake; wind rushing through your locks as you stand on the top deck.

Who is Going to Love It

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Boat lovers; lake lovers; sightseers; tourists from all over the world; people who want to get on the water but don’t want to take all day for a boat tour; folks who don’t want to deal with the logistics of renting their own boat.

GPS Coordinates, Parking and Regulations

GPS Coordinates: (36.995547, -111.486511)

Park at the Lake Powell Resort main parking area, and meet in the lobby 30 minutes prior to departure for all tours. Boarding begins 15 minutes before scheduled departure time.

Travelers generally come to Lake Powell during the warmer months of the year, April through October. The water temperature will be most mild during the summer, but be forewarned that temperatures can peak over triple digits.

Website: www.lakepowell.com

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