A Quick and Dirty Guide to the Best Park City Terrain Parks

Sending it over the wallride
Sending it over the wallride Scott Markewitz/Canyons Resort
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Park City’s resorts may get slightly less annual snowfall than those in the Cottonwood Canyons, but that hasn’t stopped them from building a reputation as the best places in Utah to take your park prowess to the next level. With multiple freestyle areas at both Park City Mountain Resort and Canyons, there are jumps, jibs, and countless other features for every level of rider and skier—you just have to know where to look.

Skill Level: Intermediate to Advanced
Lift Access: Sun Peak Express or Orange Bubble Express

The signature park zone at Canyons, Transitions offers something for everyone, from airtime addicts working on new rotations to handrail specialists llnting to perfect their latest moves in simulated urban conditions. With its entrance just off the top of the Sun Peak chairlift, you can lap Transitions to your heart’s content before stopping into Sun Lodge for a snack or some liquid confidence. You can also get there from the mid-mountain area by riding up Saddleback and staying skier’s left on Kokopelli until you see the Sun Peak lift, or by taking the Orange Bubble Express from the resort village area all the way to the top.

Skill Level: Intermediate
Lift Access: Saddleback Express

An intermediate park built with progression in mind, Painted Horse is the ideal place to work your way up from nice, wide boxes to skinnier, scarier rails, as well as get your confidence up on jumps that incrementally increase in size. Warm up here before heading to Transitions, or just spend all day lapping Saddleback Express and working on your tricks in a less-intimidating environment. Painted Horse’s mid-mountain location means less-adventurous family and friends can take different runs and still meet you back at the chairlift (or at Red Pine Lodge for a drink and a slice of pizza). From the top of Saddleback, head down Kokopelli and watch for the entrance to Painted Horse as the groomed run descends around the pine glade—it’ll be the second trail that branches off to your right.

Getting Off-Axis in Transitions
Getting Off-Axis in Transitions Scott Markewitz/Canyons Resort

Skill Level: Beginner
Lift Access: Saddleback Express

Located halfway down the Pine Draw trail adjacent to Painted Horse, this park zone is the perfect starting point for inexperienced freestyle riders and skiers, with a low-consequence collection of wide boxes and small jumps to let newcomers test the (frozen) waters a bit. Pine Draw’s location makes it possible to hit the first few features in Painted Horse before cutting hard right and popping out at the top of this area, ensuring you can get your fill of mellow jibs and jumps on your way back to the lift. If you want to ride the Pine Draw trail in its entirety rather than cut through Painted Horse, bear right onto the first groomed trail you see after heading down Kokopelli.

Skill Level: Intermediate to Advanced
Lift Access: 3 Kings

Spend some time in 3 Kings and you’re likely to bump elbows with the likes of Bode Merrill, Tom Wallisch, and Olympic gold medalist Sage Kotsenberg, as well as countless other top-notch skiers and riders both local and imported. This massive park has three separate runs with a staggering variety of features—everything from traditional jumps and down rails to weird three-dimensional setups that are sure to challenge your creativity. Immaculately groomed lips and landings (as well as a dedicated park chairlift running directly overhead) make 3 Kings the daily stomping grounds of choice for those who are serious about freestyle progression.

Skill Level: Beginner to Intermediate
Lift Access: Eaglet or King Con High-Speed Quad

With a prime location that gets lots of sunshine and its own dedicated lift that lets you make laps until your legs fall off, the vaguely candy-themed Neff Land is a tasty treat for riders and skiers of any level who want to broaden their bag of tricks on mellower features. This park includes staples like basic boxes and a supremely sculpted jump line perfect for dialing in new spins, but you’ll also find strangely sweet features like a cupcake-shaped metal bonk and a candy-cane pole jam. Park City bills Neff Land as “the most fun mini-park on the planet”—and they just may be right. To get there, head skier’s right down the ridge from the top of King Con lift and just watch for the entrance. Once you’ve made your first lap through, you can hop on the Eaglet lift at the bottom of the park for a quick ride right back up.

Getting some Mellow Air in the Progression Park
Getting some Mellow Air in the Progression Park Rob Bossi/Canyons Resort

Skill Level: Advanced
Lift Access: Payday Hi-Speed Six-Pack

Usually only open to the public late in the season due to the monstrous amount of snow required to build it, King’s Crown is the biggest, burliest terrain park in all of Utah. A regular venue for major slopestyle competitions like the Sprint Grand Prix series, this park is full of pro-caliber features, most of which have serious consequences for messing up. Enormous kickers and super-long landings let you air it out with no fear of overshooting—just make sure you’ve got enough speed to clear the knuckle. If you’re ready to see how you stack up, hop on the Payday lift from the resort base area and stay skier’s right on the run of the same name once you get to the top.

Skill Level: Beginner
Lift Access: Bonanza Hi-Speed Six-Pack

First-timers would be hard-pressed to find a better place to learn the ropes of freestyle terrain than Park City’s Little Kings area. A half-dozen mini jumps and a smattering of jibs that are all low to the ground make this the best place at the resort to try your hand (feet?) at some forgiving features that won’t punish newcomers to park riding. You can access Little Kings via the Bonanza Hi-Speed Six-Pack lift—either stay on the main Home Run trail which will take you straight there, or branch off skier’s right on Muckers if you want to take the steeper, faster route.

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