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Dry Creek Canyon
Dry Creek Canyon Ted & Dani Percival
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Only eight minutes from Outdoor Retailer, Memory Grove Park is a 12-mile mountain bike ride that has everything you need to recharge your batteries for the show. It only takes 1-1.5 hours—making it a perfect pre-show ride or a great excuse to escape the madness. The trailhead is only 1.5 miles from the Salt Palace so you can easily ride to the trailhead instead of dealing with parking headaches.

If you do drive, type “Memory Grove Park” into google maps and travel a few blocks to the edge of the city. Free parking is available at the main gate to Memory Grove or in the nearby Avenues neighborhood. This City Creek to Dry Creek ride starts with a decent climb, then rolls through a flowy section of the Bonneville Shoreline trail for several miles, before descending Dry Creek canyon, and following the road back to Memory Grove.

From the entrance to Memory Grove pedal up the road through the middle of the park until you hit 11th Avenue (the only road you will cross, you can recognize it because there are two ponds, one below and one above the road). At 11th, veer right on the road, then left just after the pond above the road onto a trail that heads north. Follow it uphill, winding through the woods for a mile or two. Enjoy the climb of about 500 feet.

At the top, you’ll find yourself in an open field with hills rising behind it. You may notice a trail heading to a parking lot and some houses on your right—ignore it and any intersecting trails. Follow your trail as it heads across the field, makes a hairpin switch back to the right, and continues to contour up and around the hillside. When you hit another intersection at a flat spot, take a left and follow the main trail up and over two small climbs. After the second climb, the trail winds left through some scrub oak for a little under a mile.

When you T into another intersection, take a left for another climb of about 0.5 miles (the trail is a little wider for this climb.) At the top of this climb you’ll find another intersection. DO NOT follow the smaller trail that diagonals uphill to the right. Instead, hang a harder right onto the obvious, smooth singletrack. This singletrack is the best part of the ride! It rolls for four to six miles at a fairly consistent elevation, on smooth trail, curving right and left with the contours of the hill. It's easy to ignore the temptation of the small trails that occasionally intersect it.

Finally, you’ll go through a small gap, hang a left, and start descending into Dry Creek canyon. Follow this nice singletrack down the hillside until you end up in the gully where the trail takes a hard right. This section alternates between smooth banked turns and rocky spots where you go through the dry creek bed. Eventually, you dump out on a dirt road/intersection/cul-de-sac.

Follow the dirt road up and to the right, by a gate. Within 200 yards, it turns into a paved bike path, and you’ll notice that you’re paralleling a road in a very nice neighborhood. Stay on the bike path. It will make a big dip, then dump you onto 11th Avenue. Follow 11th for a while. You’ll pass a cemetery then start passing streets in descending alphabetical order from M Street through A Street. On one of these streets (it doesn’t matter which one) take a left, descend to 7th Avenue and then take a right onto 7th. At 7th and A Street the road ends at a gully. That gully below you is Memory Grove.

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