Best New Restaurants For Outdoor Lovers in Charleston

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It seems as though an incredible new restaurant or coffee shop opens in Charleston everyday. Renowned chefs and entrepreneurs flock to our city because of its stellar foodie reputation, and outdoor enthusiasts reap the benefits of the awesome casual restaurant and bar scene, with its locally sourced ingredients and laid-back atmosphere. Keeping track of all the new (and best) spots around town could be a full time job, but RootsRated has compiled a list of brunch spots, hangouts, and restaurants that have proved themselves as top in their category. The best part? Being able to enjoy them fresh off the trail (or water or bike or whatever other outdoor pursuit you have in mind). After all, who wants to bother with showering off when there's great food and drink to be had? Read on for the best new restaurants for outdoor lovers in Charleston.

Best Place for Breakfast or Brunch

Charleston's TheDigitel

Callie's Hot Little Biscuits

If you're looking for a quick meal before work or after an early trail run, head over to this new little hot spot and grab an order of biscuits from Callie's. The saucy name is right on the money, as this homey spot specializes in homemade hot (and yes, little) biscuits like you've never had before. Located on upper King Street in what was once an alleyway between two 19th-century buildings, the restaurant has a quirky kitchen that's 50 feet long and just eight feet wide. Along with the set menu, daily specials include bacon/egg/cheese biscuits, pimiento cheese biscuits, and cinnamon biscuits for those sweet tooths out there.

The Daily

The menu at the Daily almost exclusively features items made from fresh, locally grown ingredients. The coffee is outstanding and an ever-changing array of local brews on tap are poised to refill your growler. The Daily is a one stop shop, and basically a miniature grocery store stocked with all of Charleston's best prepared foods such as pickled goods, kale salad, and sandwiches--traceable right down to the dirt where their products came from. Not to mention everything The Daily makes for breakfast is delicious, from bacon to bread pudding. And with all due respect to Callie's, the Daily will make you fall in love with the ham biscuit all over again.

Best Place for Lunch or Post Workout

Tony Gonzalez

Butcher & Bee

Butcher & Bee is among the best restaurants in town, a distinction not taken lightly in these parts. Its insanely good food, as well as laid-back atmosphere, are the perfect post-run or ride rewards. The menu rotates daily depending on what's in season, but one item is a spectacular mainstay: the cheeseburger. No fancy additions here, just two quarter-pound patties perfectly cooked, slathered with cheddar, lettuce, tomatoes, onions, and pickles, and homemade ketchup, all oozing out of a buttery brioche bun. No doubt this one will be the motivation to slog through those last few miles on your next excursion.

Park Cafe

Aptly named for its location near Hampton Park, Park Cafe is a popular spot which draws walkers, runners, and bikers alike. With the excellent outdoor seating, casual atmosphere, and sleek modern interior featuring white walls and green plants lining these walls, this cafe is a place where you'll thoroughly enjoy spending time. And when the food comes out, you'll want to stay even longer. The Pork Loin Hoagie and Fried Egg Sandwich both provide lessons in how a simple meal can leave exotic impressions on your taste buds. Stay all day and take in the sights, sounds, and smells from the kitchen.

Best Late-Night Hangout


Faculty Lounge

Taking inspiration for its name as a favorite spot back in the day for local professors and teachers to decompress, this laid-back watering hole now draws outdoorsy types who gather to compare notes and sip local brews.  Now under new management, the bar has turned a lot of heads around the city, but don't be put off by its "key club" status, meaning you pay $10 your first time in, which gets you a free brew and invites to insider events. Shoot some pool if you have any energy left in the tank, or just chill with buddies around the huge wooden bar in the dimly lit room. Whatever you choose, it's the perfect ending to the day's adventures.

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