Catching Waves at Folly Beach

Logan Waddell
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My first time surfing Folly was in 2008 on a kayak trip. It was in the middle of October, and I was not looking forward to the chill of Fall, even with a wetsuit. After somebody pushed me in the waves, and I figured out I could stay warm, I had one of the most fun and memorable trips of my life surfing all day with schools of dolphins and crashing on the beach when I could no longer feel my arms from paddling.

Logan Waddell

In Charleston, South Carolina, the first thought that comes to mind when asked, “what can you do outside when it’s in the dead of winter?” usually conjures up an excuse like, “Absolutely nothing, it’s 40 degrees out there, that’s the coldest it’s been in 30 years.” I’m here to tell all of my fellow southerners that wetsuits exist, and they are game-changers.

Have you been dreaming of the surf every night since September? Then get out to Folly Beach with your board, your kayak, or both and indulge in uninterrupted wave time that will satisfy your cravings until you can take in the sun again in May. Folly remains the most popular surf spot in Charleston throughout the summer, and as far as I'm concerned, it only gets better in the winter. The combination of large winter swells and virtually no one in the water, save a few of your buddies, make for an excellent day on the beach.

Logan Waddell

Do yourself a favor: go experience Folly Beach, then get fish tacos from Rita’s by the pier . The best part about this experience, is that you can do this every day if you live around Charleston. It’s close, and the beach never closes…unless there’s a hurricane, but that tends to bring out more surfers than all of the other days combined.

Logan Waddell

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