Chattanooga's 10 Best Outdoor Kissing Spots

Lovebirds looking out over the Tennessee River Gorge from Snooper's Rock.
Lovebirds looking out over the Tennessee River Gorge from Snooper's Rock. Jake Wheeler
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Whether you just swiped right or you've been dating for years, the thing about Chattanooga is that it's got a lot of awesome spots to take that special someone. With countless scenic overlooks, hidden coves, majestic waterfalls, and even mazes of boulder fields, there's no shortage of places to share some smooches. So, without further ado, here's your guide to some of the best kissing spots in Chattanooga.

1. Sunset Rock

Sunset Rock has long been a go-to favorite for locals and lovebirds Hailey Moore

Whether you're looking for a day of heart thumping trad climbing , or a leisurely hike with your sweetie, Sunset Rock promises to be picturesque. This tall sandstone bluff, located on the western brow of Lookout Mountain, has long been a go-to favorite for Chattanooga locals and lovebirds, as it offers up some stunning panoramic views of Lookout Valley below and the Cumberland Plateau beyond. Impress your date with a little history lesson from the area , and you'll surely be smooching in no time.

2. Bamboo Forest at Reflection Riding

If you've never kissed in a bamboo forest, you're missing out The Pug Father

Looking for a date spot with a ton of casual charm? Look no further than the Reflection Riding Arboretum and Nature Center which offers a little bit of everything. Nestled at the foot of Lookout Mountain, Reflection Riding is home to a 3 mile gravel running/ walking path and a small network of backwoods trails, that are less frequently traveled. For a seriously memorable romantic adventure, it doesn't get much better than getting lost in the nature center's bamboo forests, playing hide and seek and maybe even a little tonsil hockey. Just remember, the trees have eyes (in the form of kiddie explorers), so let’s keep the cuddling PG, folks.

3. Walnut Street Bridge

The Walnut Street Bridge adds additional flair to downtown by connecting the North Shore with the Bluff View Arts District. Anderson Bouton

No surprises here. The Walking Bridge is a classic when it comes to outdoor kissing spots. And it must be said: a stroll across the Bridge seems to have strange curative powers. In the summer, the breeze from the water offers a reprieve from the heat, and in the colder months—armed with a steamy cup of coffee from Rembrandt's —the walk is briskly invigorating. And the view from the bridge—with the steady current of the river flowing below and the skyline of the city framed by Lookout Mountain beyond—is, well, nothing short of iconic. Not to mention about as romantic as it gets!

4. Edward's Point

More like 'Make-Out Point', are we right?? Jake Wheeler

Resting on the western face of Signal Mountain, Edward’s Point is an incredibly scenic outcropping that gives hikers and adventurous couples the chance to see some of Chattanooga’s most distinctive geographical marvels. While fairly technical, the 2.9 mile (one way) trail from Signal Point to Edward's Point is marked with a number of worthwhile sights to stop at along the way. At various intervals you will see Julia Falls (kissin' spot #1), the swinging bridge over Middle Creek (kissin' spot #2), and Lockart’s Arch (kissin' spot #3), and of course the grande finale is the point itself. Play your cards right and you can reach the point in time for sunset, a show that beats dinner and a movie any day.

5. In a Canoe on Lookout Creek

An evening summer paddle along the emerald waters of Lookout Creek Hailey Moore

A trip down Lookout Creek is, in a word, idyllic. There are many quality flat-water paddling opportunities around Chattanooga, but few can match Lookout Creek for ease of access, scenery, and wildlife—all less than five minutes from the Interstate where thousands rush past, never knowing what they've just missed. The curtain of forest on either side provides natural seclusion and with the meandering current carrying you along, it’s not hard to let other distractions simply drift away. A paddling date down Lookout Creek is certainly five stars—just be careful how far you lean when you lean in for the moment!

6. Hemlock Falls at Cloudland Canyon

Who would you smooch? The girl or the pooch? Carlie Newby

Waterfalls and outdoor dates go hand-in-hand. To get to this super scenic waterfall, at Georgia's Cloudland Canyon, you and your date will have to go (hand-in-hand) down roughly 1,200 stairs. Although it is just two miles out-and-back, the hike to Cloudland Canyon’s Hemlock Falls requires a pretty strenuous return trip up the stairs, so be prepared to have your hearts thumping for more reasons than one! Once you're to the base of Sutton Creek Gulch, you'll feel like you've been transplanted to some sort of otherworldly, Fern Gully wonderland, full of babbling creeks, towering trees, and majestic waterfalls, including Cherokee Falls (clocking in at 60 feet) and Hemlock Falls, which plunges 90 feet. Oh, and if the date's going really well, Cloudland Canyon does offer overnight camping....

7. Snooper's Rock

Lovebirds looking out over the Tennessee River Gorge from Snooper's Rock. Jake Wheeler

There are a few different ways that hikers can access the much sought after views of Prentice Cooper's Snooper’s Rock, the longest being the 10 mile Mullens Cove Loop and the shorter options being abbreviated hikes using connector roads, or setting up a shuttle. Or, you could always just drive down to it as well! However you go about it, if the approach doesn’t free your mind enough, the feeling of pure exposure on the suspended slab of Snooper’s will. For an unforgettable moment, get an early start and share a morning thermos as you watch the sunrise over Snooper’s with that special someone.

8. On top of a Boulder at Stone Fort

Crashpads or portable couches? Benjamin Hines

While it would be nice to be able to go out and send at your limit every time you went climbing, for most that is not the case. However, even if you’re still working on the mega project, there is something still truly satisfying in doing a new line—regardless of grade—whenever you get a chance to climb outside. Sharing a send with a friend is even more gratifying because it links a fond memory that you’ll think back to every time you repeat the line. With a vast and diverse boulderfield like Stone Fort just a short drive from downtown, the options for doing new problems is wide open. The next time you get outside with your partner, do something—anything—new, and remember how good it feels to top out new boulders. Victory dances and celebratory smooches are encouraged.

9. East Overlook at Raccoon Mountain

Raccoon Mountain's East Overlook offers up one of the best views of downtown there is Ry Glover

There are few better views of the Scenic City than from the East Overlook at Raccoon Mountain . Just a 15 minute drive from downtown Chattanooga, this is an easy date option with a big payoff. And if you catch it at sunset, you're in for a real picturesque treat. Like some scene from a 1980's Rom-Com, this is the place to park your car and share a kiss as the setting sun gets replaced by twinkling city lights. (Just be sure to leave before it's completely dark because the gates will close!)

10. Stringers Ridge

Even on gray days, Stringers offers a welcome escape without leaving the city limits. Hailey Moore

It’s hard to think of an easier way to spend an afternoon outdoors than by paying a visit to Stringers Ridge . The network of trails tucked away in the North Shore does double duty by offering trail runners and mountain bikers a fantastic place to get in some mileage—literally—in town. And for casual hikers and scenic-vista-chasers, a stop by the terrace on the Cherokee Trail offers a peerless view of the North Shore, Tennessee River, and city skyline. Access Stringers Ridge by following Spears Avenue, from Cherokee Boulevard, to the gravel parking lot at the end, or by taking Bell Avenue (farther down Cherokee; look for Nikki’s Drive Inn) to a second gravel lot.

Written by Hailey Moore for RootsRated.

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