Chattanooga's Singletrack Paradise

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The Southern Off-Road Cycling Association has been busy. In 2010, SORBA Chattanooga set a goal of obtaining access to 100 miles of singletrack trail in the greater Chattanooga area. As of July 2014, they achieved that objective. Ask any mountain biker who rides in Chattanooga or has visited one of the extensive trail systems at Raccoon Mountain, Enterprise South, White Oak Mountain, 5-Points, or Stringer’s Ridge and they’ll rave about the trails. The credit goes to SORBA and their dedicated volunteers as well as other volunteer groups and foundations in the area that supported the projects.

The construction of these trails required significant planning, effort, fundraising and volunteer support. For example, two of the additions at the Raccoon Mountain expansion, a total of 9 miles of trail, required over 2,000 hours of volunteer support. RootsRated talked with SORBA President, Erik Rippon, for suggestions on the best options for a great ride at each location:

Raccoon Mountain: Live Wire Trail is a 1,250 foot drop of technical difficulty and supreme natural beauty. 2 miles.

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Enterprise South Nature Park : Log Rhythm Trail begins with a steep climb that leads to an extended rolling downhill flow. There are optional log rides and bridges for a more technical outing. 2.6 miles.

Stringers Ridge: The Hill City Trail is sometimes tight and windy single-track with tight climbing turns, fast descents, and lots of hills. This is a difficult and fun trail. 3+ miles.

5-Points: Rippon suggests two must do trails: Tailings Run is 1.5 miles of tight, twisty, slightly technical single track where you'll sometimes be riding on a trail that drops off steeply on both sides. Caprock Trail is rated intermediate but it is quite technical and consists of sections of loose soil and gravel, steep drop-offs on the trail's edge, and a few rock gardens. You can pick up a fair amount of speed on it, but if you're not careful it's possible to slide out on the loose gravel and tumble down the hill. 1.1 miles.

Michael Viertel

White Oak Mountain : White Oak Ridge, Yellow Trail - The yellow trail is a combination of Points Unknown (1.7 miles and rated one black diamond) and White Oak Ridge (1.4 miles and rated two black diamonds)

Booker T. Washington State Park: The Outer Loop Trail is the longest single trail in this park. It is marked with blue blazes and features nice views of Chickamauga Lake. 4 miles.

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