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The Emerald City is known for being one of the most bike friendly cities in the country. The bike lanes are wide & plentiful, the circumnavigating routes around islands in the area are breathtaking & epic, and there are some really amazing events and races that take place here as well.

If long, hilly routes and rush hour traffic rides aren't your thing though, there are still some great, more relaxing ways to tour Seattle on two-wheels. Here's the Insider's Guide on how to spend some leisurely time on your bike in and around the University District:

Cafe Allegro

Wake up on Saturday morning and head to Seattle's oldest coffee shop . With ivy-covered outside walls and art-adorned inside ones, you won't be let down by the appearance of the place. And you certainly won't be let down by the quality of the food & drinks or by the intimate atmosphere. For almost 40-years, Cafe Allegro has served students & professors and locals & out-of-towners alike. It's the perfect place to start your weekend.

Burke-Gilman Trail

In biking distance from Cafe Allegro, the Grant Lane access point of the Burke-Gilman Trail is only half a mile away. Once you reach it, enjoy a very leisurely ride on a flat & wide concrete pathway that's usually buzzing with many other active people. The entire trail runs 20-miles from Ballard to Kenmore, but you can choose to go as far or as short as you like, considering it's an out-and-back route with many places to stop for food & drink or to take in the scenic views of Lake Washington & the Cascades.

Agua Verde Cafe

After you've had your fill of cycling on the Burke-Gilman Trail, pedal the short distance back to the University District to get full on food at the Agua Verde Cafe . Located right on the water and doubling as a paddle club, this hole-in-the wall Mexican restaurant is an outdoor enthusiast's dream come true. They serve made-from-scratch Latin dishes using local, organic, and sustainable ingredients. There are few better ways to end a Saturday than with a well-earned beer & burrito while watching the sun set over Lake Union .

Written by Ry Glover for RootsRated.

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