Enjoying Orlando’s Lake Eola Park

Lake Eola Park in Downtown Orlando
Lake Eola Park in Downtown Orlando Matthew Paulson Photography
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Every metropolitan city has its own little, or large, urban oasis in the middle of the city. New York has Central Park, Asheville has Pritchard Park, Portland has Forest Park, and Orlando has Lake Eola Park. Where Lake Eola Park may pale in size comparison to some of these other parks, it certainly makes up for with an array of things to do. Here are some fun and relaxing activities at Orlando's favorite little urban park.

Running and Walking

After a long day of work, locals love to take a run around the lake. The paved sidewalk is .9 miles and makes it an easy way to keep track of your mileage. If running's not your things, take a walk and enjoy the lake from all angles. The north end of the lake offers an excellent view of the Orlando skyline.

Swan Boats

Paddling swan boats on Lake Eola
Paddling swan boats on Lake Eola Orlando Weekly

Waddling around Lake Eola Park is a large band of white swans. Occasionally you’re allowed to feed them, but you’re always allowed to take a ride on one. (A swan paddle boat, that is.) Renting these somewhat hokey vessels and paddling around the lake for 30 minutes is actually a great way to experience the park.

Yoga in the Park

Sunday morning yoga at Lake Eola Park
Sunday morning yoga at Lake Eola Park Yoga in Lake Eola Park

Every Sunday you can do outdoor yoga with a big group of enthusiasts. Whether you’re new to yoga or a seasoned yogi, you’re welcome to join in. There are people demonstrating the poses and modified poses are highly encouraged to keep you within your skill level.

There are two meeting locations: at the northeast corner by Panera or the northwest corner by the amphitheater. It’s free, but a $5 donation is suggested. Check Facebook to see where class is meeting for the upcoming Sunday and feel free to ask questions.

Orlando Farmer’s Market

Another fun Sunday outing is to check out the Orlando Farmer’s Market. It’s held every Sunday from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. The vendors there have an assortment of seasonal produce, plants, arts and crafts, plants, and even a beer and wine garden starting at noon. The Orlando Farmer’s Market is dog friendly as well, so you can bring your pup on a leash and stop by the pet booth to get your best friend a treat and maybe a new collar.

Disney Amphitheater

Disney Amphitheater at Lake Eola Park
Disney Amphitheater at Lake Eola Park Waymarking

A play, musical, or concert in the park is always a great way to spend your day. The Disney Amphitheater holds multiple performances throughout the year. Some of the best times to visit the amphitheater are during Christmas for a holiday show and the 4 th  of July to catch a glimpse of the fireworks over Lake Eola.

Relax Grill

The best place around Lake Eola to sit and people watch is the Relax Grill . The restaurant is located right across the pathway from the swan boats and you can enjoy a meal and a drink from their full bar. It’s a great place to end a day of hanging out and exploring all of what Lake Eola Park has to offer.

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