Get Ready for Ski Season 2015-2016 the (Crystal) Wright Way

Ski season is right around the corner: Is your fitness up to par?
Ski season is right around the corner: Is your fitness up to par? Jackson Hole Mountain Resort
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With Jackson Hole Mountain Resort’s 50th birthday this winter, Snow King Mountain’s new additions (including additional snowmaking capacity), local skiers and snowboarders are just itching to find some powder stashes. So, how can you get in shape to be ready for the first day of ski season?

RootsRated had the chance to speak with Crystal Wright, owner and head trainer at Wright Training, for her tips on making sure you’re as ready physically  get ready for the ski season. In addition to owning and training at her gym, Wright is a professional skier who won the Freeskiing World Tour Title in both 2009 and 2012, a National Academy of Sports Medicine certified personal trainer, Mountain Athlete certified strength and conditioning coach, Corrective Exercise Specialist (Level 1), and a Yoga Fit level one instructor. Here are her thoughts on getting in prime shape.

Make your first day on the slopes this winter epic by training beforehand. Dylan Walters

What is the best way for people to get in shape for ski season?

There are lots of ways to get in shape for ski season, but I think strength training and sport-specific training tops all. Strengthening your legs, core, and stabilizers and trying to get your body as equal as possible will save you on day one [of the ski season] from the leg burning and decrease your chance of injury. Being strong can reduce your chance of injury by 40 percent.

Don’t underestimate the power of pre-season training. Owen Richard

What outdoor activities would you recommend to help people get in shape for ski season? How do these particular activities help?

If you are not able to strength train, hiking or running up mountains is a great way to help build your strength. Coming down a steep mountain mimics downhill skiing, so that will help strengthen muscles.

What gym-based activities, exercises, and classes would you recommend?

Any strength class will help you with injury prevention and performance, but like I mentioned earlier, the ski fit class is great for beginners because it progresses. The leg blaster is one of my favorite exercises because it is all body weight and can be done anywhere. Also, any type of rotational core exercises are also great. Definitely don’t leave out the upper body because it is important as well.

Off-season ski fitness classes are a great way to have fun and get ready for ski season. Crystal Wright

What’s the most important thing people should know about getting ready for ski season?

You have to work hard and you will be sore and you will feel muscles you did not realize you had. I also cannot emphasize enough how important it is to do something pre-season. The main reason is to prevent injury and, secondly, why not feel strong the first day of ski season?

When the weather’s dreary outside, join a ski fitness class to get ready for winter sports. Crystal Wright

Looking for a gym or class to get in shape for ski season?

Buckrail offers a great list of local classes to prepare for the coming powder days. Teton County/Jackson Parks and Recreation offers an evening class on Ski & Snow Sports Fitness, Wright Training offers a variety of ski fitness classes, Inversion Yoga offers a Ski Fit class, Jackson Hole Health and Fitness provides Spin Ski Fit and Ski Fit X, Revolution Indoor Cycling has a class called “Triple Threat: Ski Conditioning” and “Shockwave: Ski Conditioning,” Peak Bodywork offers several different classes, and Training to Be Balanced Fitness offers Ski Performance Team Training classes.

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