The Insider's Guide to Crystal Mountain's Après-Ski Lifestyle

Jeff Caven
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Similar to Stevens Pass, Crystal is mainly a mountain for the day-tripper, though Crystal does have some lodging and restaurants at the hill. You can find food and beer at the Snorting Elk, and there’s a restaurant at the Alpine Inn. And, as most resorts with stunning views typically do, Crystal has a restaurant at the top of the mountain for your mid-ski day grub. The resort is a tad fancier than one would expect on top of a mountain, so one might feel a bit weird wearing ski boots and a sweaty, snow-covered jacket, but don’t think twice, it’s alright. Emblematic of its die-hard loyal skiers, Crystal doesn’t have much of the extra activities (this isn’t Squaw Valley: None of the tourist stuff), and besides the limited options for food and drink, you’re mainly there to ski.

The closest town, Greenwater, has an awesome bar and grill in Naches Tavern. Family friendly, the tavern is only thirty minutes from the chairlift and captures the classic ski atmosphere. Crystal is closer to the south side of Seattle, though the city is decently split 50/50 between Crystal and Stevens Pass. 

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