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Get off the mountain and head towards Glacier, grabbing a copy of The Ski Journal, the local and world-famous ski publication out of Bellingham, and find some beer and nachos. The ski-town vibes are alive and well in the sleepy town of Glacier. You’ll be lucky to find cell service, and all your food options are within walking distance (okay, Chair 9 might be a bit of a walk from the rest…but most of Glacier is within a block or two of each other). The Wake and Bakery opens early and closes at “5-ish,” so grab a breakfast burrito, scone, or cookie with that coffee. Graham’s and Milano’s are across the Mt. Baker Highway from each other, and offer a wide variety of drinks and food. And of course, Chair 9, about thirty seconds before Glacier when coming home, is a must-stop. We recommend the large nachos to feed the kids, burgers and pizza for the gang, and a couple pints of whatever local beer is on tap.

Back in Bellingham, the ski town feel is still there, just a bit spread out (and with enough cell service to post the powder-filled photos of the day). There are five breweries, all within a mile of downtown: We recommend the Boundary Bay Brewery for the directly-downtown family dinner, Kulshan Brewing off James Street for the casual crew, and Aslan Brewing (North Forest Street) for the college kid. A bonus option: Wander Brewing for the dirtbag – if the Bellingham breweries were a crate of Bob Dylan records, Wander would be the newly discovered basement tapes, the deep cuts that only the diehards have heard. Head to Dean Avenue and look for the sandwich-board-sign and food truck outside what appears to be a warehouse, and step inside to the beautifully crafted wooden tables and glorious beer.

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