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With a location in Lebanon’s town green, décor that reflects co-owner (and former town mayor) Karen Hill’s passion for politics, plus a nod to the Lebanon High School, and of course constantly friendly service, the Lebanon Diner couldn’t get more local if it tried.

In 2012, co-owners Karen and Andy Hill renovated an eye doctor’s office into the cozy restaurant space, which has quickly become a go-to spot for locals craving a hearty breakfast or lunch in a welcoming atmosphere.

The black-and-white checkered flooring, stainless steel counter area, Lebanon High School championship banners, and old photographs from around town give the place an authentic diner feel. Thirty seats are divided among a handful of two, three, and four person tables, and the long stainless steel counter overlooking the grill and food prep area. Evoking the old-school diner vibe, soda pop (Coke and Sprite) is served in small glass bottles reminiscent of the 1950s.

CCourtesy of the Lebanon Diner

But the diner has modern touches, too, like an up-to-the-minute Facebook page that documents daily specials, announcements, and palate-tempting photos like pancakes on the griddle and scones fresh out of the oven.

Karen’s political interest has also infused the diner’s style with dozens of campaign pins framed in boxes all around the restaurant. Customers are also encouraged to vote on new menu items via the “New Menu Item Ballot.” In addition, Karen and Andy have high hopes that the diner becomes a stop on the presidential primary circuit in 2015. In fact, its political pedigree already boasts visits from New Hampshire Senator Jeanne Shaheen and New York Governor George Pataki.

A colorful chalkboard greets customers, listing specials for the day, while the standard menu covers the tried-and-true daily options. For breakfast, grab a muffin or scone made right on premises, or fluffy Belgian waffles, covered with whipped cream and strawberries. Ingredients are sourced as locally as possible, with greens and vegetables coming from local area farms.

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