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Outdoor enthusiasts in Minneapolis play outside no matter what Mother Nature decides to deliver. At times, however, we may have to adjust our routes and turn to Plan B.

In June, Minneapolis endured a record amount of rainfall. More than 11” inches of water fell from the skies. On June 20th an amazing 4.13 inches of rain was recorded at our official weather-reporting site. That’s the highest single day total for a day in June on record.

The deluge has flooded some favorite cycling and running routes. The Minnesota Department of Natural Resources reports that Fort Snelling State Park is closed until floodwaters recede and trails can be assessed for damage.

Here’s a quick list of RootsRated destinations that are currently hampered by water deep enough to close a trail.

Hiking and Running

Wood Lake Nature Center
Minnesota Valley National Wildlife Refuge
Louisville Swamp
Fort Snelling State Park

Mountain Biking

Theodore Wirth
Minnesota River Bottoms
Lebanon Hills Regional Park


Grand Rounds  - Most of the route is open but many areas on Minnehaha Parkway are underwater


Fortunately, a week of sunshine and warm temperatures should dry out many of these trails. Watch for updates at the Minneapolis Park news page and the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources trails condition report.

Remember stay off the trails until park managers have a chance to assess any damage. Erosion can make small creek bridges unstable and deep gullies from run-off can trip up a fast-moving runner unaware of what’s around the corner.

Don't let ankle deep water stop you from going for a run or bike ride. There’s dozens of other trail options on Rootsrated.com/Minneapolis.

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