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Based in Santa Barbara, CA Ocean Futures Society is nonprofit organization focused on protecting the global ocean through education. "As a society, we need to turn again to the ocean and its profound principles of life. We need to inspire a new generation of young people, who better understand how the world works, who know that the sea runs in their veins, who love it and will protect it," says Jean-Michel Cousteau, president of Ocean Futures Society.

The OFS is engaged in a variety of projects including producing a 3D IMAX film as well continued educational outreach around the world and growing the Jean-Michel Cousteau Family Camp held every August on Catalina Island. Jean-Michel Cousteau can be found on college campuses, at corporations or at non-government organizations (NGO's) sharing his passion and encouraging people to think of our oceans as a valuable natural resource.

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Jean-Michael Scuba Carrie Vonderhaar, Ocean Futures Society

Free to join, OFS offers simple ideas to help members become"ambassadors of the environment," Taking small steps such as eliminating the use of single-use plastic and supporting grocery stores and restaurants in the Santa Barbara area that sell and or serve sustainable seafood is just one example.

Taking a whale tour through Condor Express or Island Packers in another way to support OFS’s outreach efforts. Visiting the National Marine Sanctuary and Channel Islands National Park are also ways you can show your support. "People protect what they love," says Cousteau. "Giving children the intimate connection to the undersea world at a young age will prepare them for being responsible stewards of our water planet in the future."

For more information on Ocean Futures Society, head to: http://www.oceanfutures.org/


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