Q&A with Colorado Runner Cara Winters

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New Balance and RootsRated have teamed up to profile runners making a difference in their communities. We asked each of our runners a series of questions to learn a little more about what running means to them, where they like to run and what are some of their running goals.

Cara Winters has a penchant for running up the steepest, toughest terrain -- and doing it in great style. You can read more about her in her RootsRated profile.

What got you into running?
I was a three-sport athlete in high school and was searching for a way to stay fit and active in college. Running filled that void and then became much more.

What are some of your favorite trails/events?
I love Mt. Falcon for a local training run. My new favorite in terms of running event is Crested Butte's Camp 4 Coffee "Cart to Cart" trail run, which just took place last weekend amidst the changing Aspens.

What does running mean to you?
Running means time to my myself to be alone with my thoughts - it's my sanity in this crazy world!

What are some of the local clubs or run you're a part of?
I have participated in the Irish Snug Run Club on Colfax in the past, but these days I typically train with close friends who live in my neighborhood.

Why is running an important part of your life?
I love the long-term challenge of training for a race and aiming to best your PR. Mentally and emotionally, in terms of day-by-day importance, it's the best kick-off to my day to begin with a run and spend a little "zen" time with myself.

Your favorite event?
Imogene Pass Run.

Toughest aspect of running for you?
Running in extreme heat.

Road or trail? Or both?
Both, although have developed a love affair with trail in recent years.

Favorite conditions to run in (time of year, temp, etc)?
Fall in the 50-60 degree crisp air.

Your favorite music to work out to (or perhaps no music?)
I have a couple playlists, but I never race with music; I prefer to enjoy the course/race atmosphere.

Place in the world you'd like to run?
South America/Patagonia. 

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