Q&A with Asheville Runner Jane Roane

Jane Roane
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New Balance and RootsRated have teamed up to profile runners making a difference in their communities. We asked each of our runners a series of questions to learn a little more about what running means to them, where they like to run and what are some of their running goals.

Asheville runner Jane Roane shares her thoughts on what keeps her moving and what she loves about running in North Carolina. You can read more about her in her full profile here.

Favorite trails?
Tsali Recreation Area; Dupont Forest.

Morning runner or after work?
I prefer mornings; it gets the day started off right!

The Distance Divas sound fun? What makes this group special?
They are an all women's group from a few years ago, with some fun and strange traditions. We ran under head-maggot Norman Blair, owner of Jus' Running (a local running shop).

Go to or favorite pieces of gear?
Love trail shoes, particularly Saucony Peregrine and the New Balance 980 Fresh Foam; Ultimate Direction hydration products are great.

What's your routine? Coffee first? Out the door fast or slow transition?
I  love coffee, I must have it before running... and some after! I'm definitely not out the door fast kind of person.

Do you listen to music? Favorites?
Actually, I only listen to music when I cross train indoors.  I like to be focused and not distracted by music. I have enough thoughts to keep me occupied just working through things mentally during a run.

In the middle of a hard race and devil on your shoulder telling you time to quit, how do you keep going?
I finished chemo-therapy... I can finish a race no matter what.

What's your motivation for ultras?
I really am NOT an ultra runner! I only like ultra relays, which means I get a break between miles.

What role has running played in your cancer recovery?
Running enabled me to handle a tremendous amount of mental and physical discomfort.  It also played a huge role in recover, keeping active and eating well can help one recover quicker from treatment.

How do you answer friends when they ask "Why do you run so far?"
Because I can.

Bucket list races?
I don't keep a bucket list. I appreciate and love every run, no matter how I feel or where I am.

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