Q&A with Denver Runner Bart Deferme

Bart Deferme
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New Balance and RootsRated have teamed up to profile runners making a difference in their communities. We asked each of our runners a series of questions to learn a little more about what running means to them, where they like to run, and their running goals.

Bart Deferme is a Denver-based runner who is less about the competition and more about the adventure. Learn a bit more about him in our Q&A or read his full profile here.


Years Running:

Your favorite  local trail trail?
Lair O' the Bear just outside of Denver.

Your favorite event?
Aspen Golden Leaf half marathon is a favorite -- you can't beating running in Aspen in the autumn.

What keeps you running?
The knowledge that it has the highest return on investment for my time working out. Not only does running give me some time in my head, it helps me develop fitness across all the sports I enjoy.

Toughest aspect of running for you?
Consistently getting out there, especially when work and other life events get too busy.

Road or trail? Or both?
Trail. I almost exclusively stay off the beaten path if I can help it.

Favorite conditions to run in (time of year, temp, etc)?
The colder the better!

Your inspirations?
Scott Jurek

Advice for other runners?
Skip the electronics, run at a pace that feels good, however slow that may be.

Your next running running goals?
No big goals, just continuing to enjoy the scenery.

Your favorite music to work out to (or perhaps no music?)
No music but I do enjoy the sound of the birds cheering me on.

Do you prefer group running or running alone?
Alone most of the time, to ensure the right pace.

Running pet peeve (other runners, trail regulations, etc?)
People who force their musical preferences on others by carrying speakers on the trail or during races. Not everyone gets pumped by Run DMC.

Place in the world you'd like to run?
New Zealand... again!

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