Q&A with Nashville Runner Cody Goodwin

Breaking the Upchuck 50k course record by 25 minutes.
Breaking the Upchuck 50k course record by 25 minutes. Reuben Watkins
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New Balance and RootsRated have teamed up to profile runners making a difference in their communities. We asked each of our runners a series of questions to learn a little more about what running means to them, where they like to run and what are some of their running goals.

Cody Goodwin is runner who enjoys the social aspect of running as much as the fitness benefit. RootsRated asked him a few question to learn more about his running career.

Favorite trails?
My favorites are the Sewanee Perimeter Trail and the Savage Gulf Trail.

Morning runner or after work?
My running time depends on necessity. I run both morning and after work. Although it’s a little harder for me to get out in the morning.

Treadmill. Yes or No?
Only as the last resort.

Are you involved in the local running community?
I have helped to develop some of the local trail races and I am a member of the Fleet Feet Nashville Dirtbags Race Team. That’s an awesome group of folks. I’ve also been appointed as a board member of the Nashville Harriers. I have led running training groups in the past for Vanderbilt affiliated groups, and will be helping with an ultra training group targeting first time ultra runners. Trail running has fostered an incredible community in the South, and has provided me with countless friendships and formative experiences.

I definitely enjoy the running groups that I’m a part of. I’ve run with the Nashville Harriers for just over a year. It’s been a pretty formative experience meeting with that group and tapping into their knowledge. I really enjoy going out on weekend runs with friends. Those are times I really relish.

The National Harriers have also contributed to my success. They have absolutely transformed my running from something that was sort of “wild west” to a sustainable competitive running program

Favorite pieces of gear?

I really am a big fan of these New Balance Fresh Foams. I’ve always prided myself on not being a gear head. I would show up to races in gym shorts. Now I’m a little better outfitted.

What's your routine?
For a morning run I can get out the door, go for a run and get back quickly. Race days start with coffee and a bowl of oatmeal or yogurt and granola.

How do you manage the roller coaster of emotions in a long race?
When I’m in a dark place I just remind myself that I’m never closer to finishing this event than I am right now. I’ve repeated that thought quite a bit. I also think about my wife and family back home. That helps me get through the tough sections.

Favorite post race or long run approach to recover?
I always look for a massage to help the legs out and eat as much food as possible. If I can get to a breakfast place, that’s my preference. If I can get to a stack of pancakes, that’s absolutely my favorite.

Bucket list races?
Constantly changing. But the Mountain Marathon in Alaska would be great. I've kicked around the idea of doing the Trans Rockies with a friend. We’ll see what happens in the future.

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