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Colorado is known for its great microbrews and scenic running routes. In fact, Colorado has more microbreweries per capita than any other state. Enjoying a cold one after a tough run or race just goes hand in hand now a days, making the idea for Rocky Mountain Brew Runs "a no brainer," as event promoter Lauren Jones puts it.

Courtney Johnson

RootsRated: How did Rocky Mountain Brew Runs get started?

Jones: My husband Scott and I have a local event production company, and we are always thinking of unique fun-run concepts. Living in Colorado, where running is like breathing and new microbreweries are popping up almost daily, it just made sense. We've also spent a lot of time traveling the world and running everywhere we've gone. To us, coming up with a concept where you can "tour" the state by running from different microbreweries while trying out new brews in the process just seemed like a no brainer.

Rocky Mountain Brew Runs

RootsRated: Why do you think running and beer go so well together?

Jones: A cold brew after an event has become almost commonplace in todays racing and running scene. However, there is no other series in the country where the run actually starts and ends at a local microbrewery followed by a free brew, local food truck eats, and live music! It's not just a brew run; it's a party!

RootsRated: What kind of atmosphere can runners expect at a race?

Jones: Runners can expect a friendly and easygoing environment. After all, it is a fun run, so the event isn't timed and all regular traffic laws apply. We won't be closing any roads. This series is for the social runner who wants to get a great workout, see some amazing places around the state and have a blast tasting some amazing Colorado microbrews!

Courtney Johnson

What makes the events unique is that people get to run in different parts of the state maybe unknown to them, and they get to try unique microbrews they otherwise may not be able to get at their local bar. Also, we host fun games like a beer Olympics and a taste test challenge, and of course there will be music and food at the after party.

Registration is now open for many of their runs including AC Golden Brewing on April 26th and Bru Boulderon September 14th. Head to Rocky Mountain Brews for more information and for registration.

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