Sunday in San Francisco: Recapping a Very Festive Weekend

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San Francisco is known for being one of the most vibrant and colorful cities in the country. For years, the City by the Bay has been the epicenter for liberal attitudes, activism, and acceptance, and this past Sunday showcased all of this culture in the annual Bay to Breakers race.

On May 18th, about 40,000 people took to the streets between the San Francisco Bay and the Ocean Beach breakers to take part in the oldest consecutively run race in the world and one of Fog City's most favorite events. After an initial delay due to a metal arch collapsing on Hayes Street, the race finally began. And for the frontrunners, it ended before some of the runners in the caboose even crossed the starting line.


Geoffrey Kenisi won the 7.45-mile race with a time of 35 minutes and 6 seconds. He was quickly followed by his Kenyan compatriots, Emmanuel Bor and Kevin Kipruto Kochei, who finished in second and third respectively. For the women, Diane Johnson won the event for the second year in a row with a time of 40 minutes and 15 seconds.

For the thousands of other participants, well, many of them were happy to simply take their time. Keen to impress the roughly 150,000 onlookers, they came out in the traditional Bay to Breakers garbs, which included costumes ranging from cartoon characters, to dinosaurs, to superheroes, to giant pink gorillas, to birthday suits... lots & lots of birthday suits. And quite impressive for this event, only 24 people were arrested for public intoxication, only 3 cited for public urination, and only 1 who hopped a fence in Golden Gate Park and taunted the bison, while in the nude.

A National Acrobat

For those who were lucky enough to use our Insider's Guide from last weekend, the Sunday celebrations continued in the Mount Tamalpais woods at one of the most exclusive beer lodges in the world. Of course, this place is much more than just a beer lodge; it's part of an organization with Austrian roots who's goal is to increase nature conservation and outdoor participation, and their annual Maifest, which was held all day Sunday, was the perfect way to capture all of these ideals. There was traditional German music & dance, many wursts & krauts, and plenty of beer to go around, and it was all set against the backdrop of a truly beautiful location in the rolling mountains & hills north of San Francisco.


If you missed Maifest, be sure to sign up for Sommerfest , which will be held Sunday, July 20 and will feature more of the same enticing blend of Bavarian culture and California scenery.

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