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Charleston Surfers got a taste of Hurricane Arthur’s swell recently with some of the best waves the area has seen in almost a year. Powerful chest to head high waves coming in at around a 12 second period is not your average day at Folly, and car loads of surfers took advantage of hurricane Arthur’s gift to the Carolina Coast. Whether you were at The Washout, or Isle of Palms, chances are you got to experience some of the best swell we’ve had in a while in Charleston.

Adam Drewes

Historically, the surfing around this area improves everyday closer to autumn, and hopefully this Arthur’s swell was a foreshadowing of what the fall will bring us. The surf report for Folly calls for a North West swell direction with 1 to 2 foot waves at 9 seconds. As for Isle of Palms you can expect just about the same thing with light winds in the mix. It’s certainly no hurricane swell, but why not head to the beach anyway? Little waves make for a big time!

Matt Drobnick

For those of you hoping to come to Charleston for a weekend surf trip, come on down. In a lot of places across the country locals may frown upon weekenders “crashing their spot” but the surfing community down here is super friendly and welcomes other friendly surfers who want to join in on the fun. It’s no secret that excellent waves do not grace our beaches every day, but when they do, everyone is out to have a great time. Plan a weekend trip and let RootsRated be your guide. Head to the Charleston City Page or check out the mobile App to see the best surf spots in the area, and where to go before and after for some quality local food & drink.

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