The Summer Sike Movie Series Returns to Chattanooga

Henry Barber climbing in the Gunks, NY.
Henry Barber climbing in the Gunks, NY. SCC
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For the second year in a row, the Summer Sike Outdoor Movie Series will return to Chattanooga for three designated nights this summer.

The Southeastern Climbers' Coalition, Southeast Region - American Alpine Club, and the Southern Off-Road Bicycle Association are presenting outdoor adventure films that will inspire and entertain anyone who attends—from hardcore adrenaline junkies to amateur daydreamers weighing up their first adventure. The first film is scheduled for June 11 followed by the next two events on July 16 and August 13. The events will take place in the ever-welcoming outdoor lawn and patio at the Crash Pad Hostel in the Southside of Chattanooga and will be combined with a cook-out as well as beer served by local brewery Hutton & Smith.

The first film, "Wild New Brave," will appeal to climbers and non-climbers alike, as "Hot" Henry Barber from the Northeast takes on impressive, world-famous routes in the Yosemite Valley while the locals watch in awe. The film also goes into the lives of the original Yosemite climbers, the so-called "teenage misfits", that, before sponsorships and glossy magazines, decided to live a life dedicated purely to climbing. The film's recent interviews paired with vintage climbing footage gives a unique view of what it was like being a climber in the Valley in the 1970's.

The second documentary film to be shown in the summer-series on July 16 is called "Builder." The film highlights some of the best mountain bikers in the world and what goes into building bike trails. Australian cyclist and professional mountain biker Chris Kovarik appears in the feature, carving down the trails in Whistler, BC with impressive speed and precision. And other world-renowned riders included in the film are Darren Berrecloth and Mike Kinrade. Watch as bridges, quarter-pipes, and other obstacles are unfolded in the unforgiving forests through grand vision, impressive engineering, and hard physical labor.

BUILDER - Official Teaser 2 from Scott Secco on Vimeo.

Finally, the American Alpine Club's "Slice O' Pie" film is a collection of the best of the video contest with the same name and showcases all things climbing in the Southeast. The AAC will show the videos at the final movie event on August 13 at the Crash Pad. In cooperation with the Triple Crown Bouldering Series and Misty Mountain Threadworks, the AAC announces a climbing video contest each fall. The submitted videos are less than ten minutes in length and have been picked by public vote. Catching the film is a great chance to see videos of local Chattanooga spots and Chattanooga climbers and to get siked on some Southeastern sandstone.

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