Three Notch’d Brewing Company

Three Notch'd Brewing Company
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With more than 40 beers in its quiver, Three Notch’d Brewing Company is a must-visit for beer lovers traveling through Charlottesville, VA.

The Three Notch’d Brewing Company was started by three buddies who, "value great beer and great times, with close family and friends." They were open for business in August 2013 and have become one of the most popular places to grab a brew in the area.

The three founders — CEO George Kastendike, president Scott Roth, and director of sales Derek Naughton — have a mix of business and, well, beer backgrounds that meld nicely together.

"We put a large emphasis on community involvement in the brewery and collaborations," said brewmaster Dave Warwick. "We've done collaborations with over 20 homebrewers and a dozen local bars and restaurants. Getting to brew a beer you designed on a professional level and sharing it with your friends (and half the town) is an experience people will never forget."

Three Notch'd Brewing Company

Warwick has a diverse background working with a variety of beers during his career in the industry that began in 1997. Some of the names of his concoctions at Three Notch’d include “The Ghost” American Pale Ale, “Jack’s Java” Espresso Stout, and “Michelle’s White Wedding” White Ale.

"Our flagship, 40 Mile IPA is by far our best seller, but in the tasting room, our Gray Ghost Pale is quickly climbing the charts as a fan favorite," Warwick said.

The names are creative and so are the label designs.

Beer lovers will appreciate the attention to detail in every glass poured at Three Notch’d, while more casual drinkers can appreciate some of the more simple beers on tap — like the “Of, By, For” Pilsner, a "nod to some of the most scholarly politicians that walked Virginia, and also to the great lives that were lost during the War Between the States."

Then there's the more complex “No Veto” English Brown Ale, the brewery's tribute to founding father and former Virginia Gov. Patrick Henry. The ale is crafted with several English malts and has flavors of caramel, nutty, toffee, chocolate, and espresso. Its earthy/grassy finish is sweet and satisfying.

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Hours: Tuesday-Thursday 4-10 p.m.; Friday 3-11 p.m.; Saturday noon-11 p.m.; Sunday noon-8 p.m.

Season: Year-round

Location: Downtown


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