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  1. Ultra Runner and the 9th Hairiest Person in North America: Kevin Boucher

    Kevin Boucher is a bit of an enigma in the running community, with his dry humor, unbelievable fitness, and irreverent style, and he'll be hoping to win this year's Urban Nature run.

  2. IRONMAN: Exploring Fun Things to do in Chattanooga

    This insider's guide to fun things to do in Chattanooga will help IronMan athletes and their families live like locals in the scenic city.

  3. Insider's Guide to the 542

    Mt. Baker Highway, or Highway 542, is a road that is overflowing with adventure. Every mile or so, there's a different pull-off or trailhead that's just waiting to be explored.

  4. Summer's Last Gasp

    Summer may be slipping away, but these 4 Western Carolina mountain lakes will have comfortable swimming temperatures for the next month or so. Not to be missed.

  5. Summit Hiking in Jackson Hole

    Thankfully, you needn’t be a technical climber to reach a Jackson Hole summit. The following six summits are all attainable by hiking.

  6. Fueling the Runner's High

    Sometimes we get it, sometimes we don’t. It’s that feel-good brain chemical referred to as a runner’s high – the feeling of euphoria associated with long-duration, rhythmic exercise where you are working your body to its maximum potential.

  7. Insider's Guide to Little River Canyon

    Roughly 100 miles from downtown, in the northeastern corner of Alabama, lies the Little River Canyon- one of the most beautiful outdoor destinations in the country and the perfect place for weekend exploration.

  8. 6 Ways to Beat the Bellingham Heat

    Contrary to popular belief, Bellingham can get quite hot during the summer, so here are six places where locals go to cool off, from waterfalls to boardwalks.

  9. Maroon Bells Traverse

    The Maroon Bells Traverse is one of Colorado's classic adventures, with 5th class climbing on wildly exposed terrain along two 14ers.

  10. 5 Ways to Celebrate Summer in San Francisco

    Anyone who’s spent time in San Francisco knows that summer has its own special flavor here. Here, 5 adventurous ways to enjoy it.

  11. Gold in Colorado Springs

    The aspen is the signature tree of Colorado. But what makes it so special? Perhaps it is the impermanence that it exudes. In the high country, aspen trees are still budding in mid-May, and by mid-September, their glowing green leaves are turning to gold.

  12. Catching Swells & Eating Well

    There's no better way to enjoy the wonderful Charleston cuisine than after hitting the trails or catching the swells in the surrounding area.

  13. Exploring Siouxon Creek

    The Siouxon Creek (pronounced sou-sawn and rhyming with Tucson) is situated south of Mt. St. Helens in the wonderfully vast Gifford Pinchot National Forest.

  14. Insider's Guide to Surfing Campus Point

    Surfing in Santa Barbara is great year-round, but things really heat up in September and October, and RootsRated has your back for the things you need to know.

  15. Canoeing Webberville

    The Webberville section of the Colorado River is a wonderful flat water segment with excellent fishing that is frequented by Austin Politico, Lee Ann Calaway.

  16. The Gran Fondo Arrives in Asheville

    Considering the mountainous terrain, Asheville is perfectly suited for a gran fondo, which is the fastest growing group ride phenomenon in the country.

  17. Stand Up Santa Barbara

    Santa Barbara has hopped "on board" the SUP revolution with enthusiasm, and here are four ways to enjoy it, from beginner paddling to surfing.

  18. The Best Way to See the City of Seattle

    The cycling community in Seattle is so strong, anyone visiting the city would miss a wonderful local experience if they didn’t rent a bike and see what it's all about.

  19. Blood, Sweat, Vomit, & Tears

    It was a day to forget for RootsRated Editor, Louis Dzierzak, at this year's IRONMAN Wisconsin, finishing the event with blood on his face and a dislocated shoulder.

  20. 6 Enchanting Waterfalls Around Olympic National Park

    With so much water in the region, it is inevitable that Olympic would be filled with waterfalls. While not the towering behemoths you see cascading down rocky bluffs in Yosemite or along the Columbia River Gorge, the waterfalls of Olympic are gorgeous without being tall.

  21. The Magic of New Mexico Part 1

    In Part 1 of a series, readers will learn about the magic of New Mexico and how to get the most out of Albuquerque.

  22. Camping in the Uinta Mountains: 5 Beginner Tips

    Camping in the Uinta Mountains in Utah is a perfect getaway for outdoor lovers. Here, 5 helpful tips for beginners.

  23. Big Apple Beaches

    In New York City, you don’t even really need to leave the city to hit the beaches, no matter if you’re searching for surfing, sunning, running or riding.

  24. Charlotte Swim Training

    Some people are nervous about hopping on a bike, but certainly the biggest barrier to entry for triathlon training is the swim. Thankfully, in Charlotte, there are plenty of places to do it.

  25. 5 Amazing Hikes in Monterey Bay

    These five amazing hikes in Monterey make the most of some of the most beautiful coastline in the country.

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