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  1. Fish & Fly

    A whole new meaning to the term, "fly fishing." With Orvis, you can quite literally fish & fly, taking a plane to very remote fishing areas in the Pacific Northwest.

  2. Plunging into the Unknown: Steve Fisher & The Grand Inga Project

    Steve Fisher, iconic kayaker and 2013 National Geographic Adventurer of the Year, was in Chattanooga recently for the screening of his “The Grand Inga Project” film at the Lookout Film Festival.

  3. Bridge Bound: Navigating the Bay Bridge Path

    Bike the Bay Bridge Path with this insider's guide to enjoying the stunning span of the Bay Bridge on bike.

  4. Cider Rite of Spring Festival

    The Cider Rite of Spring Festival is helping further establish Portland, Oregon as the nation's number one locale for grown-up beverages.

  5. The Yarnbomber

    This is a fascinating story about the Yarnbomber of Santa Barbara, who, in Cristo tradition, is bringing a new art to life in Santa Barbara.

  6. Winter Wrap-Up: Transitioning to Warm-Weather Fun in Jackson Hole

    After a truly epic winter, Jackson Hole is turning it's attention to summer. But first, there's one last celebration of winter at JHMR.

  7. Tuck Fest 2014

    Tuck Fest 2014 is Charlotte's premier outdoor festival, higlighting mtn. biking, stand up paddle boarding, kayaking, trail running & climbing

  8. Bo Bikes Bama

    On April 19, Bo Jackson returns for the third annual Bo Bikes Bama, a charity road ride that raises money for tornado relief in Alabama.

  9. Rafting in Colorado's High Country

    With snowmelt from the mountains whitewater rafting in Colorado is a thrilling experience.

  10. Trail Work Parties

    Preserving and constructing the Northwest’s trails with Washington Trails Association's work trail parties is a great way to give back.

  11. Preserving the Freedom of Climbing in Colorado Springs

    With the incredible beauty of Garden of the Gods and Red Rock Canyon, the preservation of rock climbing in Colorado Springs is high priority.

  12. Charlotte Dog Parks

    Charlotte Dog Parks: With an abundance of dog-friendly bars & parks, Charlotte is edging toward the most dog-friendly city in the southeast.

  13. Kurt Schwabe: Completing the 330-Mile Bay Trail in 30 Days

    Kurt Schwabe made it his goal to walk the 33-mile Bay Trail in 30 days. Read about his story.

  14. Fly Fishing Made Easy In Seattle

    Inspired by traditional Japanese fly-fishing, Patagonia is launching a new product for tenkara fly-fishing.  Tenkara, meaning “from heaven” or “from the skies” evokes the meditative tone often associated with fly-fishing.  Its minimalist form is app...

  15. Roanne Miller

    Roanne Miller & Grassroots Outdoor Alliance are demonstrating the incredible value of a united group of independently-owned local retailers.

  16. Grand Teton Climbing Giveaway

    Rock/Creek, Marmot, & Exum Mtn Guides are partnering in a Grand Teton Climbing Giveaway. One couple will win the experience of a lifetime.

  17. Try Fly

    In April, Patagonia will launch Try Fly for Simple Fly Fishing in Minneapolis, geared toward teaching people how to learn the sport.

  18. Charleston Trails & Taps

    Charleston Trails and Taps is an insider's guide to the best local breweries to drink a beer after spending a day on Charleston's trails.

  19. Fly Fishing in Portland

    Fly Fishing in Portland is about to be much more accessible with the launch of Patagonia's Simple Fly Fishing Kit.

  20. Fly Fishing in Denver

    With the release of the Simple Fly Fishing Kit from Patagonia, newcomers to fly fishing in Denver have more access to this beautiful sport

  21. Ironman in April

    Minnesota Ironman bike tour 2014

  22. Sunday in Santa Barbara

    Here, we share insider tips to enjoying Sunday in Santa Barbara with local art, bike rides along the beach, and fresh tacos.

  23. Spring Lake

    For over 12,000 years, people have visited Spring Lake and marveled at the water's clarity. In Texas, this is water at its purest.

  24. The Recyclery: Helping Underprivileged Kids Find a Love for Cycling

    Marilyn Price has devoted her life to bringing mountain biking to kids. Last year the Recyclery and Trips for Kids put on 185 rides.

  25. St. Patrick's Day Dash

    For thirty years, Seattle has celebrated its Irish heritage by running the annual St. Patrick's Day Dash.

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