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  1. Exploring the Paint Mines

    The Paint Mines, located just outside of Colorado Springs provide wonderfully colorful glimpses into a rich geological and cultural history of Colorado.

  2. San Francisco Baykeeper: Keeping the Bay Healthy

    It's no secret that the San Francisco Bay used to be a very dirty place, and that's why Baykeeper was founded: to help cut down on pollution in the Bay.

  3. Paddling the Boundary Waters of Minnesota

    The Boundary Water Canoe Area of Minnesota is a truly beautiful wilderness area with plenty of history, culture, and adventure.

  4. Surf & Turf

    Santa Barbara's perfect position between mountains and sea makes it an unbeatable city for surf & turf combos of mountain hiking and beach playing.

  5. 5 Must-Do Zipline Adventures Near Asheville

    Western North Carolina is absolutely loaded with zipline adventures, and all of them are extremely fun for the whole family. The 5 best just so happen to be near Asheville.

  6. How to Tube the Salt River Without the Hassles

    A stress-free tubing experience along the Salt River is easy with a little bit of forethought, planning, and a little bit of insider knowledge.

  7. Running with a Pack

    Running by yourself can sometimes be a brutal and miserable test of character. Thankfully, Charlotte has a great group running community with runs scheduled everyday of the week.

  8. 5 awesome ways to enjoy Lake Michigan

    One of the many joys of a Chicago summer is the spectacular Lake Michigan lakefront that hugs the city. There are many ways to enjoy this lake, here are 5.

  9. McKinney Falls

    McKinney Falls is underrated, or at least misunderstood. It’s like the Rodney Daingerfield of Austin parks; it gets no respect. Or it's like...

  10. UpaDowna

    Upadowna, a local group that originated from the phrase "Up a mountain, down a beer," is a Colorado Springs tradition for beer & runner-lovers.

  11. Don't Be a Jerk: SLC Shop is the Friendliest in Town

    Jerk's Bike Shop is a charming shop in Murray that will not only ease that intimidation when buying a new bike, but they'll do it in a very friendly manner.

  12. High Rock Lookout

    The High Rock Lookout Trail, just a few miles outside of Mount Rainier National Park, is one of the rarest and most beautiful routes in Washington.

  13. Alabama Mountain Biking

    Alabama isn't necessarily known for its mountain biking, but the Dixie singletrack that it has to offer is surprisingly distinct and awesome.

  14. 6 Ways to Find Outdoor Adventure in Jackson Hole

    Having fun outside in Jackson Hole is an easy thing to do- it's why people visit. Here are 6 ways to do so, from floating rivers to climbing peaks.

  15. 5 Best Climbing Spots in Santa Barbara

    There are so many climbing spots in Santa Barbara that it's sometimes difficult to choose the very best ones. But with the Insider's Guide, we bring you the 5 best.

  16. Women on the Water Part II

    Two local Chattanooga paddlers give four reasons why women should consider taking up kayaking, ranging anywhere between how many calories burned to earning some peace and quiet.

  17. 24 Hours of Booty

    In the beginning, there was one rider. Since then, 24 Hours of Booty has experienced a rapid rise as one of the most successful rides in the country.

  18. 5 Best Hikes Voted by San Francisco Locals

    San Francisco easily boasts some of the best trails in the country, and the people have voted these 5 hikes the best around.

  19. Two Guys and an RV

    Tipit Designs is two guys and an RV functioning as a portable design studio. It’s nonstop adventure as they travel the country creating inspirational vinyl wall art.

  20. Women on the Water

    RootsRated had the chance to sit down with two very talented and experience women paddlers to discuss what how this sport has evolved for their gender.

  21. Outdoor Stereotypes

    You've seen them all before, the Frat boys decked in Patagonia, the cargo shorts birders, and the hippie yogis. Austin's outdoor stereotypes personified.

  22. Alabama's Mountain of Health

    Rising 1,600 feet above the foothills of northeast Alabama, Monte Sano, the name means “mountain of health” in Spanish, is an oasis of big views, slightly cooler temperatures, and fun summer activities

  23. 6 Best Hikes on Lookout Mountain

    Lookout Mountain rises above Chattanooga like a sleeping giant. The views from the top are amazing, but getting there is half the fun. Here are 6 of the best ways.

  24. 3 Kid-Friendly Hikes in the Salt Lake Valley

    Salt Lake City is full of wonderful hikes in the area, and RootsRated is bringing you the three best kid-friendly adventures perfect for the whole family.

  25. Introducing Flagstaff Extreme

    Nestled in the trees of Fort Tuthill Recreation Area sits the Flagstaff Extreme Ropes Course, a hidden gem of an obstacle course and zipline adventure.

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