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  1. Boom Town

    Charlotte's uptown is normally where most people go to watch fireworks for the 4th of July, but there are 5 places that are better....

  2. Outside Yoga in Charleston

    Charleston's heat and humidity essentially offers a natural hot yoga studio, meaning hot yoga can be outside yoga! outdoors.

  3. Western North Carolina’s First Family of Adventure

    In 1971, when most Americans thought of outdoor adventure, they thought of Yellowstone National Park, not the rivers of the southeast. But..

  4. No Salt, No Problem

    Lake Michigan is a surprisingly great surfing location, which means no salt, no problem; you'll still catch some nice fresh water waves.

  5. Adrenaline and Adventure at Park City's Olympic Park

    Park City, Utah's Olympic Park has a wide range of adventure activities, including ziplines, bobsleds, and ropes courses. It's a wild place!

  6. Bikes and Beer in Brevard

    Brevard, NC is starting to make a name for itself with breweries and bikes. With the introduction of Oskar Blues' new bike farm, it's only getting better.

  7. Whipping in the Wind

    At the Lincoln City Kite Fest, kites of all kinds can be seen flying, floating, and whipping in the wind. The whole family will enjoy it.

  8. Trips for Kids

    Charlotte's Trips for Kids is a 3-part program that uses mountain biking as a way to prepare kids for active and successful lives.

  9. 6 Ways to Enjoy Pikes Peak

    Pikes Peak is the hulking mountain landmark of Colorado Springs. For many, it is a trail running, hiking heaven, but there are more ways than that to take it all in.

  10. Lost Photos from the Appalachian Trail

    One year ago, I set off on the greatest adventure of my life. To celebrate, my hiking partner sent me our lost photos from the Appalachian Trail.

  11. 4 Father's Day Hikes in the Smokies

    Check out the Insider's Guide to 4 Father's Day Hikes in the Smokies that will leave any father feeling fit and happy.

  12. River Rafting the Ocoee with Raft One

    Raft One is a rafting company on the Ocoee River run by two brothers and delivering unforgettable trips with unmatched dedication.

  13. Treasure Hunt

    The ghosts of homesteaders and miners haunt Tarryall, Colorado. Many people capitalize on this rich history by geocaching and going on a treasure hunt.

  14. 3 Places to Watch the World Cup in Charleston

    When the World Cup rolls around, people take to their local pubs for beer & food. Here are 3 places to watch the World Cup in Charleston.

  15. Windfest 2014

    The Columbia River Gorge is the windsurfing capital of the world, and as such, plays host to the annual Windfest.

  16. SUP With Sea Trek: A Pioneer in Bay Area Paddling Circles

    Sea Trek is a kayak and SUP company located in Richardson Bay that offers rentals and lessons for paddlers in the San Francisco Bay.

  17. 5 Charlotte Races Not to Miss this Summer

    Staying active can be tough, but here are 5 Charlotte races not to miss this summer if you have a desire to keep things new & interesting.

  18. Birmingham’s Caver

    Aaaron Atz has been fascinated by caves since he was a very young child; now he is recognized as Birmingham's Caver.

  19. An Insider's Guide to Birmingham

    A Local Insider's Guide to Birmingham and the perfect Summer Day in the Magic City, with outdoor pursuits, the Cahaba River, and good beer.

  20. Rate Your Birmingham Roots

    By Rating your Birmingham Roots, you will be entered to win an Osprey Hydration Pack and will help us decide the top trail destination in one of the country’s top upcoming outdoor towns.

  21. Common Ground

    Common Ground is a film about people and their land, and it strikes to the core of many peoples' sense of awe and wonder for the landscape.

  22. Cloudland Connector Ceremony

    The Cloudland Connector Ceremony was a resounding success, with roughly 100 passionate and like-minded outdoor enthusiasts attending the event.

  23. Three bike collectives that keep Chicago moving

    The Recyclery, Working Bikes, and West Town Bikes are three bike collectives that keep Chicago moving.

  24. Desert Hiking in Arizona

    Who would want to visit the Arizona desert during the hot summer months? People who know about the crazy deals that exist here, of course.

  25. 6 Tips for Thru-Hiking the Palmetto Trail

    The Palmetto Trail is a footpath that spans the state of South Carolina. Many people enjoy thru-hiking this trail, and knowing these 6 tips will definitely help.

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