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  1. 8 Minnesota Hiking Trails to Enjoy the Best Fall Foliage

    Take advantage of the fall foliage while at lasts at these Minnesota hiking trails that are at their most scenic this time of the year.

  2. A Trout Fisherman’s Dream Come True: The Middle Section of the Blue River

    Though it may require more advanced techniques, the Middle Section of the Blue River has some of the best trout fishing in all of Colorado.

  3. New Proposed Bike Lanes Could Change the Way You Ride in Chicago

    A proposal by the Active Transportation Alliance envisions 180 miles of protected bike lanes to draw more cyclists to Chicago's streets.

  4. Durango’s Fall Bucket List: 7 Adventures To Tackle Before Winter

    So what if there's no snow yet? Fall in Durango means ample opportunities for climbing, backpacking, and hiking. Here's where to go.

  5. 9 Ways to Stay Sane During Mud Season in Jackson

    The mud season in Jackson is when trails become muddy messes and ski resorts aren't yet open. Here's how outdoor enthusiasts can stay sane.

  6. High Desert Hiking in Oregon: 5 Perfect Picks for Fall

    It's well into fall, but 70-degree weather means you can take your pick of options for high desert hiking in Oregon. Here, 5 great picks.

  7. Chicago’s Fall Bucket List: 7 Things You Should Do This Autumn

    Whether running through the world's largest corn maze or celebrating Oktoberfest at the most visited park in Illinois, here are the can't-miss fall adventures in Chicago.

  8. Talking Shop with One of Charleston’s Best Surfboard Shapers

    Surfboards are like snow flakes; no two are ever the same. Here, we sat down with one of Charleston's best surfboard shapers, Josh Hoke, to gain some insights into the world of shaping.

  9. 6 Top Spots for Bouldering Around Asheville

    From iconic rocks to local climbing walls, climbers have plenty of great spots for bouldering in the Blue Ridge region around Asheville.

  10. Idaho Wilderness Areas in Danger? The Future of the LWCF

    Wilderness areas in Idaho and beyond could be at risk, depending on the future of the Land and Water Conservation Fund, or LWCF.

  11. Morton Arboretum Offers Trees, Hills and Trails—Plus The Best Fall Colors in the Chicago Area

    The fall is the best time to visit the Morton Arboretum, which features fantastic hiking trails and paved roads for running and cycling.

  12. A Conversation with ChattaJack Athlete Steve Dullack

    We sat down with ChattaJack31 competitor Steve Dullack to discuss his pre- and post-race traditions and why he thinks the ChattaJack is such a special event.

  13. The 5 Best Places to Mountain Bike this Fall in Tuscaloosa

    Fall in Tuscaloosa is the best time to get on the mountain bike and explore the scenic trails within a short drive of the city.

  14. A Conversation with Swim the Suck Competitor Kent Nicholas

    We sat down with Swim the Suck competitor Kent Nicholas to discuss his pre-race traditions, his thoughts on Chattanooga as a city, and his race expectations.

  15. A Conversation with 5-Points 50 Rider Lisa Randall

    We sat down with Lisa Randall — a tough-as-nails rider and 5-Points 50 rider — to discuss her passion for mountain biking and her favorite aspects of racing in Chattanooga.

  16. The Best Places to See the Sunset in SF: 7 Sublime Spots

    From a dramatic Marin overlook to a panoramic hill in the South Bay, here the best places to see the sunset in SF and beyond.

  17. 5 Great American Road Trips to Take This Fall

    There's arguably no better time than fall to take a road trip, when this country's landscapes and forests are ablaze in their full fiery force.

  18. 5 Fall 5k Races to Celebrate the Season Around Philadelphia

    Take advantage of the cooler temperatures and autumn colors to run one of these five fall 5k races around Philadelphia.

  19. Second Beach: A Timeless Jewel on the Olympic Coast

    If you're seeking a truly unforgettable and unrivaled Olympic Coast experience, the trail to Second Beach is as good as it gets.

  20. 4 Reasons Why BicycleSPACE is the Best Bike Shop in Washington DC

    At BicycleSPACE—arguably the best bike shop in Washington DC —cycling merges art, life, and community in an exquisite modern space.

  21. An Abandoned Ski Hill Reborn as a Hiking Oasis: Prospect Hill Park

    Hit the dirt running, hiking, or mountain biking at Prospect Hill Park —a glorious green space within sight of downtown Boston.

  22. The Insider’s Guide to Watching & Cheering at IRONMAN Chattanooga

    This Insider's Guide to IRONMAN Chattanooga will help you support the athletes and spectate for this epic full-day event.

  23. Where to Ride Out A (Thankfully Mild) Charleston Hurricane

    This Charleston hurricane season has been mild but busy, offering residents ample chances to enjoy the storms while bellying up to the bar.

  24. A Family Affair: The Tennessee Ragnar Relay

    If you’ve never traveled from Chattanooga to Nashville in a van filled with smelly friends and their smelly shoes, you might consider putting a team together and partaking in the Ragnar Relay.

  25. Father & Son Marathoners and 7 Bridges Competitors: Jean Paul and Devin Vaudreuil

    Meet Jean Paul and Devin Vaudreuil, a father and son duo participating in this year's 7 Bridges Marathon on October 18th in Chattanooga.

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