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  1. Preserving the Freedom of Climbing in Colorado Springs

    With the incredible beauty of Garden of the Gods and Red Rock Canyon, the preservation of rock climbing in Colorado Springs is high priority.

  2. Ironman in April

    Minnesota Ironman bike tour 2014

  3. Fly Fishing in Denver

    With the release of the Simple Fly Fishing Kit from Patagonia, newcomers to fly fishing in Denver have more access to this beautiful sport

  4. Fly Fishing Made Easy In Seattle

    Inspired by traditional Japanese fly-fishing, Patagonia is launching a new product for tenkara fly-fishing.  Tenkara, meaning “from heaven” or “from the skies” evokes the meditative tone often associated with fly-fishing.  Its minimalist form is app...

  5. Bridge Bound: Navigating the Bay Bridge Path

    Bike the Bay Bridge Path with this insider's guide to enjoying the stunning span of the Bay Bridge on bike.

  6. Backwater Paddling in Charleston

    Amazing waterways, endless marshes, and beautiful coastline, here are five of the best ways to experience backwater paddling in Charleston.

  7. Seattle Bike-n-Brews

    Cascade Bicycle Club’s Bike-n-Brews ride combines two of Seattle’s favorite things, handcrafted beer and a fun bike ride. It’s a flat cruiser-friendly urban route that finishes with live...

  8. Ski to Sea

    One of the Pacific Northwest's most epic events, Ski to Sea takes participants from Mount Baker to the coast, running, skiing, and paddling.

  9. The Recyclery: Helping Underprivileged Kids Find a Love for Cycling

    Marilyn Price has devoted her life to bringing mountain biking to kids. Last year the Recyclery and Trips for Kids put on 185 rides.

  10. The Perfect Spring Weekend in Birmingham

    Hiking, whitewater paddling, and cycling. Here's an insider's guide to getting outside for a perfect spring weekend in Birmingham.

  11. Spring Lake

    For over 12,000 years, people have visited Spring Lake and marveled at the water's clarity. In Texas, this is water at its purest.

  12. Baking and Running: The Story Behind M.H. Bread and Butter

    When Devon Yanko (formerly Devon Crosby-Helms) and Nathan Yanko decided to start their own bakery last year, they intended to keep up their running while baking bread. Nathan is an ultrarunner and was a baker at San Francisco’s famous Tartine bakery...

  13. The Little Known Tale of a Waterfall's Demise: Restoring Warren Falls

    The demise of Warren Falls is a little known story, but its restoration is on the way thanks to the work of Tom Kloster.

  14. Mammoth Gravel Classic

    The Mammoth Gravel Classic is an endless network of gravel roads, and for race rounder Frank Lundeen, it's unadulterated advernture.

  15. SXSW

    RootsRated presents a collection of recreation activities recommended by local experts who live and breathe in Austin’s outdoor parks and trails every day.

  16. French Broad Float

    A French Broad Float is truly one of the best ways to experience the incredible beauty of western North Carolina from Asheville.

  17. Elings Park Terrain 5k Series

    The Elings Park Terrain 5k Series will make the quads burn, but Santa Barbara's finest sunsets & craft beer are worthy rewards.

  18. Boulder Nordic Sport

    Even though it may feel like spring is around the corner, March is Colorado’s snowiest month. There is still plenty of skiing to do whether you choose to downhill, AT or Nordic. Boulder N...

  19. The War at Windrock

    Divided into three battles over the course of 2 days, The War at Windrock has earned its daunting name.

  20. Heroes of the Trails: The Behind-the-Scenes Work of the Carolina Mountain Club

    Behind the scenes, volunteers from a number of organizations continue working through the winter to make sure that trails are ready for hikers, climbers and riders when spring arrives.

  21. Oregon Active: Enabling Everyone to Enjoy the Outdoors

    For people with disabilities and other life-challenging conditions, Oregon Active is dedicated to providing adventure therapy.

  22. Coastal Climbing

    Charleston is known for many things, however big walls aren't one of them. Until now. Coastal Climbing brings climbing to the lowcountry.

  23. Knoxfest

    Outdoor Knoxfest is Knoxville's annual weekend dedicated to the incredible range of outdoor recreation available in eastern Tennessee.

  24. St. Patrick's Day Dash

    For thirty years, Seattle has celebrated its Irish heritage by running the annual St. Patrick's Day Dash.

  25. The Girl Trail

    Built completely young women, the girl trail will be a new extension of the Perimeter Trail at the Chattanooga Nature Center.

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