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  1. Exploring Philly’s Hidden Trails on Belmont Plateau

    Philadelphia's Belmont Plateau is an urban oasis with fascinating history, plenty of singletrack trails, and wonderful views of the city.

  2. A Quick and Dirty Guide to Trail Running Near Portland

    From Forest Park to Hoyt Arboretum, here is a guide to some of the best trail running opportunities near Portland.

  3. An Off-the-Beaten-Path Guide to the Perfect Weekend around Washington DC

    From paddling the Potomac to exploring the largest urban wilderness park in the country, here's how Chaco spends a weekend in Washington DC.

  4. An Off-the-Beaten-Path Guide to the Perfect Weekend around Santa Barbara

    From catching waves in the Pacific Ocean to hiking in the Santa Ynez Mountains, here's how Chaco spends a weekend in Santa Barbara.

  5. The Amazing Wilderness Areas of Olympic National Park

    The Olympic Peninsula is home to some of country's most amazing wilderness areas, from the extremely remote Wonder Mountain Wilderness to the slightly more popular wilderness coast.

  6. 7 Places Where Thru-Hikers Must Stop on their Journey from Georgia to Maine

    Sure, thru-hikers of the Appalachian Trail like spending time in the woods. But they also like getting drunk in trail towns. Here are the best places to do the latter.

  7. Shimek State Forest

    Shimek State Forest has five different segments, each with its own personality and trails to explore.

  8. Starved Rock State Park

    Starved Rock State Park features 18 canyons formed by ancient melting glaciers.

  9. A Conversation with Scott Dvorak of the Charlotte Running Company

    Talking Running with Scott Dvorak, the founder of the Charlotte Running Company, which was named one of the 50 best running stores in 2014.

  10. Zunzi’s

    Savannah's Zunzi's has earned national acclaim for its diverse range of flavor

  11. What Your Post-Adventure Beer Says About You

    In Asheville, your choice of beer after a day of mountainous endeavors is equivalent to a hoppy, malted Rorschach test.

  12. Valentine’s Day with the The Dirty Guv’nahs

    Take your special someone on a Valentine's Day tour of these Knoxville spots featured in the Dirty Guvnahs' "Fairlane" music video.

  13. Excerpts from the Abyss

    In December 2014, RootsRated editor Brian Bates and his crew set out on an unforgettable river trip down the Grand Canyon. Here are his inspired reflections.

  14. When Fortune, Fate, and Fitness Align

    For Daniel Lucas, the Thunder Rock 100 was a resounding success, replete with ups and downs, but mostly ups.

  15. Winter at the Ridge: Washington’s Forgotten Ski Area

    High in the Olympic Mountains, Hurricane Ridge is one of the best ski areas in the Pacific Northwest, offering clean powder lines without the crowds.

  16. 50 Things to Do in 2015

    Bucket lists and resolutions are fun, so we've put together a list of 50 things to do in 2015 that will definitely satisfy your quest for adventure.

  17. Insider’s Guide to Sidecountry Skiing at Snowbasin

    The sidecountry skiing at Snowbasin can be a bit of an undertaking, especially returning to the lodge, but it's very well worth the effort.

  18. Bouldering in Chattanooga’s Backyard

    It's widely known that Stone Fort, or Little Rock City, offers some of the best bouldering in Chattanooga. Here's an introduction for those who don't know.

  19. 10 Amazing Long Distance Treks Around the World

    Here are 10 amazing long distance treks around the world, all of which are over 500-miles long.

  20. 11 of the Worst Race Day Photos

    It's a moment in time... you'd rather forget. 10 of the worst race day pics, brought to you by our pals at Seriously Ugly Race Pics.

  21. Jason Syman: Running the Show

    Jason Syman is a Connecticut runner who enjoys the balance running provides in his full life.

  22. Avalanche Awareness Night: Snow Safety and Gear Galore

    The Avalanche Awareness Night is much more than your typical lecture series. It's a beer-filled, gear-filled, ski-speak extravaganza.

  23. Sam Alexander: Staying on Track

    Sam Alexander loves running on the track and going fast. At age 42, he's still flying and giving the younger guys a run for their money.

  24. Zach Andrews: Running is an Adventure

    A former collegiate baseball player and member of a band, Zach Andrews is now an accomplished Alabama ultra runner.

  25. Lowcountry Local

    Here are RootsRated's favorite tried and true local companies that capture the heart and soul of local Charleston craft.

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