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  1. How to Explore the Land Between the Lakes: One of the Most Interesting and Adventure-Filled Places in the South

    For such a narrow piece of land, you’d think exploring the Land between the Lakes National Recreation Area would be fairly straightforward. But coming in at 170,000 acres, the area offers visitors a wide variety of activities.

  2. How Kentucky Became One of the Top Paddling States in the Country

    The history of paddling in Kentucky and the best spots in the Bluegrass State to try it for yourself!

  3. How to Start Stand-Up Paddleboarding in Kentucky: What to Know, Where to Go

    Some of our best tips from local experts on how and where to start paddleboarding in Kentucky.

  4. Kentucky's Must-Visit Paddling Towns (and What to Do in Each)

    The amount and variety of water in Kentucky is staggering–from lazy, meandering floats to white-knuckle whitewater. It's no surprise that many of the Trail Towns offer access to amazing paddling opportunities.

  5. 4 Kentucky Canoe Trails That Make For Great Overnight Paddling Trips

    Paddling through Kentucky’s rivers and lakes is one of the best ways to see what the Bluegrass State has to offer.

  6. So, You Want to Start Paddling in Kentucky? Insider Tips for Beginners

    The Bluegrass State is home to more miles of navigable waterways than any other state in the Lower 48, so it’s no wonder that paddling is a favorite summer activity.

  7. Sailing in Kentucky? Your Guide to Uncommon Water Adventures in a Landlocked State

    With so many rivers and lakes, you’ll find plenty of typical boating outings—like whitewater rafting, kayaking, and canoeing—but also a few other unexpected adventures.

  8. 8 Outdoor-Themed Kentucky Events Guaranteed to Be a Great Time

    We’ve put together a list of eight of the best events held throughout the year that will show you some of the best land, lakes, caves, and mountains the Bluegrass State has to offer.

  9. Kentucky's Best Hikes that Lead to Water

    From the well-known Cumberland Falls to the underappreciated Honeymoon Falls, here are some top picks for Kentucky waterfall hikes, plus a bonus trail leading to not one, but two lakes.

  10. The 4 Best Spots to Go Whitewater Rafting in Kentucky

    Many of Kentucky’s best rivers for whitewater rafting are easily accessible while still having that true adventure feel.

  11. 9 Memorable Ways to Get on the Water in Kentucky with the Entire Family

    From afternoons canoeing along undisturbed routes to weeklong vacations on a lakeshore houseboat, the Bluegrass State has a water adventure for every schedule.

  12. The Fascinating Story of Kentucky Bend: A Barely-Inhabited, Isolated Piece of the State Cut-Off By a Curve in the Mississippi River

    This sparse and serene landscape is as remote as an island, and to get here you have to mean it.

  13. An Insider’s Guide to Charlotte’s Booming Road Cycling Scene

    Charlotte's road cycling scene is flourishing due to community advocates, a focus on healthy living, and a commitment to infrastructure.

  14. A Classic Overnight Kayaking Trip on the Cahaba River

    Kayaking and camping on the Cahaba, Alabama's longest unimpeded river.

  15. An Insider’s Guide to Reflection Riding Arboretum and Nature Center

    Nestled at the base of Lookout Mountain just minutes from downtown Chattanooga, Reflection Riding Arboretum and Nature Center offers visitors a chance to explore the regions diverse landscapes and enjoy a day in the outdoors.

  16. ‘Exploring Wild Alabama’ Highlights 150 Must-See Destinations

    "Exploring Wild Alabama" details the ecology, landscapes, flora and fauna of 150 areas available to the public.

  17. Conservation and Recreation: What Alta is Doing to Remain a World-Class Ski Destination

    Focusing on a number of environmental initiatives, Alta is taking steps to ensure that skiers can enjoy its world-famous powder for generations to come.

  18. A Guide to the Perfect Do-It-Yourself Food and Drink Tour of the Beltline

    Along Atlanta's popular Eastside Trail, you'll find a two-mile stretch containing some of Atlanta's best bars and restaurants. Here's a quick guide to combining your hike, bike, or run with sampling some of the best eating and drinking in the city.

  19. Long Live Long Rides: Crested Butte Edition

    Ready to go big? Crested Butte and the Gunnison Valley have spectacular, world-class mountain biking that links together some of the best alpine riding on planet Earth.

  20. 10 of the Best Fall Hikes in Corning and the Southern Finger Lakes

    In an area well-known for its world-class wineries and picturesque vineyards, Corning is the perfect base camp for a brilliant weekend of hiking and exploring this glacier-carved region.

  21. Your Guide to Uncommon Outdoor Activities in Corning and the Southern Finger Lakes

    From getting up in the air to down in the water, there are plenty of unique things to do here, so we put together this list of some of the most remarkable outdoor activities this spectacular bit of America has to offer.

  22. Crested Butte's Top 5 Mountain Bike Trails that Aren't the 401

    The 401 is great, it's wonderful, it's amazing. Ride it. And when you're ready to roll on, check out these amazing Crested Butte Trails!

  23. Road Tripping the Pacific Northwest Coast

    The story of an East Coast couple embarking on a two-week excursion through the Pacific Northwest.

  24. Hiking Alabama’s Barrier Island: Dauphin Island

    Stretching 14 miles, Alabama's Dauphin Island offers great hiking and wildlife watching.

  25. 6 Must-Visit Virginia Towns in Shenandoah County (and What to Do in Each)

    Get a taste of the stunning Shenandoah Valley by exploring these six must-visit Shenandoah County towns, following an itinerary loaded with everything from trekking panoramic peaks to sampling distinctive regional wines.

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