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  1. 6 Tips for a Better Ski Vacation

    To make the most of your vacation, use helpful services, build a smart itinerary, and protect yourself from the elements.

  2. Where to Get on the Water in Beaver County

    Located in southwest Utah, Beaver County is known for its access to the lofty Tushar Mountains, but it's also an excellent destination for those who enjoy time on the water, with a wide variety of sparkling streams and sky-reflecting lakes.

  3. 12 Weird, Wild Winter Festivals Around the World

    From a wacky celebration of a frozen body to all kinds of snow-centric shenanigans, these epic winter festivals are an unforgettable way to celebrate the season.

  4. How to Take a Mini Sabbatical With Your Family

    You don't have to jet off to Europe for a year to enjoy the benefits of an extended adventure. Here's how to take a mini sabbatical with your family.

  5. Did You Know You Can Go Snow Skiing in Alabama?

    The 800-acre Cloudmont Ski Resort and Golf Course sits high atop Alabama's Lookout Mountain in Mentone.

  6. An Insider’s Guide to Mardi Gras in Mobile

    Where to go, what to see and what to avoid at Mardi Gras in Mobile.

  7. How to Bury Your Wine in the Snow (and Other Boozy Tips from a Snowboarding Sommelier)

    Wine just isn't for apres anymore: Just ask snowboarder and sommelier Ryan Arnold, who shares how to bury your vino in the snow for a mid-run splash, plus other savvy tips.

  8. Your Road Trip Guide to Great Alabama Coffee Shops

    Alabama travelers shouldn't settle for a mediocre cup of joe. Instead, visit these unique coffee shops.

  9. Top Fishing Spots in Davis County

    Utah's Davis County is filled with great creeks, reservoirs, and ponds where you can avoid the crowds and fine some of the state's best fishing.

  10. 5 Backpacking Skills to Master in the New Year

    Make this the year you dial-in your pack and learn map skills, knots, first aid and fire building.

  11. The Top 6 Day Hikes in Beaver County

    Just east of Beaver, Utah, the Tushar Mountains feature some of the state's best hiking adventures with trails threading among high peaks and crossing alpine meadows filled with wildflowers.

  12. The 6 Best Outdoor Activities to Do with the Kids in Beaver County

    Located in southwest Utah, Beaver County is filled with wild places—rugged mountains, sharp canyons, placid lakes, and wildflower-covered meadows—that offer plenty of memorable adventures for families.

  13. New Year’s Resolutions for Adventurous Alabamians

    Here are 10 goals outdoor lovers in Alabama can pursue to make the new year more adventurous.

  14. How I Learned to Climb Again After Nearly Losing My Thumb in a Car Accident

    About five years ago, my left hand—and thumb—were shredded in a horrible car accident. Here's how I returned to my passion of climbing, and the lessons I learned along the way.

  15. Why Ogden Is One of Utah’s Best Ski Towns

    Located just 40 miles north of the Salt Lake City airport, Ogden, Utah, is a perfect basecamp for a ski vacation. With three ski resorts, affordable lodging, fine restaurants, and a vibrant après ski scene, it's a great place to enjoy a winter getaway.

  16. A Guide to Lake Guntersville’s Eagle Awareness Weekends

    Eagle Awareness Weekends at Lake Guntersville include field trips and presentations that offer a close look at these magnificent birds.

  17. The Best Trail to Tavern Pairings in Huntsville

    From Huntsville trails you only have to drive a few minutes to explore the city's booming craft beer scene.

  18. Why You Should Paddle the Potomac in the Dead of Winter

    Yes, it's seemingly insane to be in a kayak in frigid waters. But here's why you should try paddling the Potomac in winter anyway.

  19. 7 Family-Friendly Outdoor Winter Adventures in Garden City

    Come winter, Garden City, Utah, and the surrounding Bear Lake Valley is transformed into a powdery playground the entire family can enjoy.

  20. 5 Must-Do Outdoor Winter Adventures in Garden City

    Once December arrived, the popular summer destination of Garden City, Utah, is transforms into a serene, snowy mountain town. Here are five ways to enjoy the white stuff on a winter getaway to this scenic part of the state.

  21. 8 Reasons Why Garden City is a World-Class Destination for Outdoor Lovers in the Winter

    With some of the state's best skiing at Beaver Mountain and more than 350 miles of well-maintained snowmobile trails, Garden City, Utah, is a great spot for a winter getaway.

  22. 9 Tips to Planning the Perfect Trip to Park City, Utah, on a Budget (and Why You Should)

    While Park City, Utah, is known as a ski destination, the scenic mountain town is also filled with warm-weather activities, making it a perfect spot for a summer getaway. Here are nine trips for planning for an unforgettable warm-weather trip to Park City.

  23. The Top 6 Day Hikes in Park City

    Located in the Wasatch Mountains, Park City, Utah, offers excellent opportunities for hikers of all levels. From family-friendly hikes right from downtown to the steep cliffs of Bald Mountain, you can find an amazing hike with scenic views of the region.

  24. The 9 Best Outdoor Activities to Do with the Kids in Park City

    Park City, Utah, is filled with family-friendly adventures in the outdoors that you and your kids will love. Here are nine great ways to take advantage of all Park City has to offer.

  25. 9 Reasons Why Park City, Utah, is a World-Class Destination for Outdoor Lovers

    With two world-class resorts, an historic Main Street, and a vibrant dining, bar, and art scene, Park City, Utah, is one of the country's finest ski destinations.

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