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  1. Poetry in Motion: An Ode to the Fauna in Alaska's Arctic National Wildlife Refuge

    Perched in the northeast corner of Alaska, the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge an idyllic haven for wildlife. The remote refuge has a range of almost 20 million acres and is home to 25 different mammals and more than 200 types of birds.

  2. How to Travel 18,000 Miles With Your Dog

    There's traveling with your dog, and there's journeying with your dog: 18,000 miles of adventure-centric road trip, to be exact. Here's how to do it without going doggone crazy.

  3. 5 Ways to Trek Through Time in Death Valley

    From abandoned mines to geological wonders to links to one of America's most notorious murderers, Death Valley is brimming with history.

  4. 4 Southern California Hot Springs for Backpackers Only

    For a resplendent escape from the sprawl of the Los Angeles area, grab your backpack and bathing suit and explore these incredible hot springs in Southern California.

  5. 5 Ways to Beat the Cold on Winter Hikes

    Follow these expert tips to remain warm and comfortable on Alabama trails in winter.

  6. The Fascinating History of Hueco Tanks, the Birthplace of Modern Bouldering

    Brimming with history, Hueco Tanks also has a place in the history of rock climbing as the birthplace of modern bouldering.

  7. 10 Lesser-Known Alabama Waterfalls

    In the Alabama backwoods you'll find hidden waterfalls that most people never get to see.

  8. Family-Friendly Winter Outdoor Excursions in Winston-Salem

    From hikes in the Saura Mountains to urban adventures, here are several great winter outings in Winston-Salem.

  9. 7 Tips for Winter Hammock Camping In Alabama

    Expert advice to keep you toasty in your hammock during cold winter nights in Alabama.

  10. How Skiing Has Changed Over the Years

    From the technology to the après action, skiing has changed. Here, a trip back through time on the slopes, and 5 places where you can soak up the old-school vibe.

  11. An Insider's Guide to the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge: One of the Largest Protected Wildernesses in the US

    The Arctic National Wildlife Refuge extends 19.3 million-acres from the Arctic Coast’s barrier islands across the tundra of the coastal plain before rising 9,000 feet to the peaks of the Brooks Range. It's one of the country's last true wilderness areas.

  12. 6 True Wilderness Adventures in Alaska's Arctic National Wildlife Refuge

    The Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, located in northeast Alaska above the Arctic Circle, is one of the last remote areas left to explore, offering an incredible opportunity for true wilderness adventure.

  13. Protecting the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge Isn't Just an Environmental Issue, It's a Human Rights Affair

    The Gwich’in, an Alaska Native tribe whose people have lived in the region for over 20,000 years, are fighting to preserve their community and way of life.

  14. 6 Historic Hotels in the National Parks That Will Take You Back in Time

    Full of history and character, here are six pre-1930's hotels in the national parks that offer an iconic trip back in time.

  15. The Top 10 Day Hikes in Tooele

    Tooele County, Utah, offers a wide variety of scenic options for hikers, including high peaks, canyons, and desert landscapes—often with few crowds.

  16. How to Have the Ultimate Adventure Day in Tooele County

    Tooele County features mountain trails that are quieter and rock climbs that are less frequented. Its craggy limestone peaks, salt flats, and otherworldly shoreline of the Great Salt Lake offer unique settings for enjoying this scenic region of Utah.

  17. The Top Fishing Spots in Tooele

    Tooele County, Utah, may be best known for its arid landscapes, but it also has many lakes, reservoirs, rivers, and streams that attract traditional and fly-fishermen to its waters. Here are some of your best options for finding the best spots.

  18. To the Mountains and Back: 5 Easy Day Trips from Tooele

    Don’t let the dry landscape fool you, there’s plenty of mountain adventure to be had in Tooele County, Utah. Hiking, trail running, mountain biking, and riding off-road vehicles or horses are all popular—or simply enjoying majestic views..

  19. 5 Reasons to You Must Visit Tooele Next Summer

    Tooele County, Utah, offers towering mountain ranges, wide sagebrush-covered basins dotted with grazing horses, flat pans of gleaming white salt, still water reflecting blue sky, and historic sites that remember the Old West.

  20. 8 Must-Do Outdoor Adventures in Bear Lake

    North Utah's Bear Lake is a one-of-a-kind hub for outdoor adventure. Here are eight of the best ways to enjoy the turquoise water and unique mountain setting.

  21. 9 Reasons Why Bear Lake is a World-Class Destination for Outdoor Lovers

    One of the oldest lakes in North America, Bear Lake in northern Utah boasts dazzling, deep blue waters that have lured travelers for centuries. In addition to water sports, the Bear Lake region is filled with outdoor options for an unforgettable getaway.

  22. The Best Places to Camp Near Tooele

    Tooele County, Utah, offers campers craggy peaks towering above 11,000 feet, countless canyons and ridges tumbling down to meet the desert, and forested hills rolling for miles—all nearly empty of civilization and ripe for exploration.

  23. The Fascinating Story Behind Tooele

    A trip to Tooele County, Utah, offers numerous historic sites and places that evoke its role in the California Gold Rush, its Mormon pioneer past, the legendary Pony Express Trail, and rowdy mining days in the late 19th century.

  24. The Best Places to Road Cycle in Tooele

    Tooele County is perhaps best known as the home of the expansive Bonneville Salt Flats, but don't let that fool you—the county is anything but flat. It's also home to some of the best road riding in Utah. Here are some of your top options.

  25. Where (and How) to Get on the Water in Tooele County

    Tooele County, Utah, is probably best known for its arid environment. Yet it provides an abundance of recreational opportunities on the water, with access to the Great Salt Lake, three reservoirs, and various mountain streams to explore.

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