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  1. A Quick & Dirty Guide to Alabama’s Canoe Trails

    Alabama's diverse paddling trails range from dark, alligator-infested bayous to raging whitewater rivers.

  2. Pro Tips on How to Find Your Secret Wilderness Hideaway

    In today's increasingly crowded wilderness areas, it's more difficult—but not impossible—to find a coveted "secret" wilderness spot all your own. Here's how to do it.

  3. The Matterhorns of North America

    You don't have to venture all the way to the Alps to experience the majesty of a matterhorn: There are plenty of these epic peaks right here in North America.

  4. CukoRakko: Alabama's Family-Friendly Festival with a Funky Vibe

    Born in Alabama's boulder fields, the family-friendly CukoRakko festival has a unique vibe and eclectic program and entertainment.

  5. Heroes on the Water: Kayak Fishing Programs Help Heal Wounded Veterans in Alabama

    Heroes on the Water kayak fishing programs in Alabama help military veterans heal from post-traumatic stress.

  6. Climb Spain's Highest Peak and Other Adventures on Tenerife

    Leave the sun-seekers on the beach and tap into a world of adventure on this volcanic island in the Atlantic, which tops out at 12,198 feet.

  7. A Storm, Failed Summit Bid, and Lessons Learned on the South Maroon Bell

    We left our adventure on the South Maroon Bell without bagging the summit, but with a renewed respect for the power of nature.

  8. Traveling the Alabama Birding Trail

    The Alabama Birding Trail includes eight regions with more than 250 locations to view more than 400 species of birds.

  9. Experience Sea Turtle Nesting Season on Alabama’s Gulf Coast

    From May to October, hundreds of small, green sea turtles emerge from nests on Alabama's white sand beaches.

  10. The 20 Best Hikes in the United States

    From the Smokies to the Rockies, and the Everglades to the highest point in Maine—and everywhere in between—the United States is full of world-class hikes.

  11. 8 Ways to Celebrate Earth Day in Alabama

    Here are several ways you can do your part to celebrate Mother Nature and protect the planet on Earth Day.

  12. A Guide to Winston-Salem’s Greenways

    On Winston-Salem's 23 miles of trails, you can walk, run, or bike from downtown or Innovation Quarter to the shores of Salem Lake.

  13. Building a Bouldering Community in Winston-Salem

    Winston-Salem’s new Rock Box Bouldering gym aims to be a central hub for the Triad climbing community.

  14. An Insider’s Guide to Winston-Salem’s HopSwap Half Marathon

    During National Beer Month, Winston-Salem's HopSwap Half Marathon celebrates start-up breweries across North Carolina.

  15. Molasses Air: Stepping Off the Beaten Path in Cuba

    Away from the bustle of Havana, the soul of this island nation comes to live in its small towns. How stepping off the beaten path in Cuba offers an adventure all its own.

  16. A Quick and Dirty Guide to Alabama Whitewater Kayaking

    A quick overview to get you familiar with the best whitewater kayaking spots in Alabama.

  17. Exploring Alabama’s Remarkable Splinter Hill Bog

    The remarkable 2,100-acre Splinter Hill Bog is known for its abundance of pitcher plants.

  18. Why a National Park Hostel is the Way to Go

    From a refurbed 1950s trailer to hot tubs, a national park hostel is a great way to add some creature comforts to your adventure.

  19. 5 Tips to Ward Off Ticks During Spring in Alabama

    During spring hikes in Alabama, follow these tips to prevent tick bites.

  20. The 10 Best Hikes in Boulder

    Colorado is a hiker's paradise, and this outdoors-loving town is no exception. Here, the 10 best hikes in Boulder

  21. Hut-Hopping Along Wisconsin's Ice Age Trail

    This 1,200-mile route, complete with eight huts for backcountry hikers, one of the longest in the Midwest. Here's how to do the Ice Age Trail in Wisconsin.

  22. 8 Unique Alabama Spring Festivals

    From Rooster Day to the Opp Rattlesnake Rodeo, Alabama is home to several unique and entertaining spring festivals.

  23. 10 Must-Do Hikes in the Mountain West

    From sublime canyons, backcountry skylines, to alpine lakes, these must-do hikes in the Mountain West should be on any adventurer's bucket list.

  24. A Quick & Dirty Guide to South Alabama’s Best Mountain Biking

    Alabama's rolling coastal plains and Gulf region offer special challenges for mountain bikers.

  25. Tips on Taking Better Wildflower Photos

    As you explore Alabama’s wild lands this spring, carry the knowledge and camera gear needed to take quality wildflower photos.

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