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  1. How to Tackle a Long-Distance Hike in Winter

    You don't have to pack up your hiking shoes when the snow starts to fall. Here, insider tips on tackling a long-distance hike in winter.

  2. The Last Outbacks: Exploring Lower 48 Backcountries Where the American Frontier Held Out

    Outbacks aren't just reserved for Australia. The Everglades, Montana, and Wyoming are just a few of the last outbacks in the U.S., ripe for exploration.

  3. 8 Reasons Charlotte is an Awesome City for Outdoor Lovers

    Four-season outdoor recreation opportunities and a focus on healthy, active living make Charlotte a great city for people who love the outdoors.

  4. 6 Tips for Planning the Perfect Overnight Canoe Trip in Alabama

    Expert advice to ensure that your first overnight canoe trip in Alabama goes smoothly.

  5. Tips for Hikers on Preventing and Treating Blisters

    Tips for Hikers on Preventing and Treating Blisters

  6. Sandstone Massifs, Secret Swimming Holes, and Stunning Wildlife: Exploring Madagascar’s Isalo National Park

    Madagascar’s Isalo National Park is brimming with adventure and wildlife—but not crowds.

  7. Pro Tips on Building the Perfect Campfire

    The campfire is a critical component of an overnight outdoors adventure. Here's how to build the perfect campfire.

  8. Destination Ogden and the Ogden Valley: Another Utah

    Snowbasin's Mt. Ogden. Photo Courtesy of Snowbasin Snowbasin's Mt. Ogden. Photo Courtesy of Snowbasin Ogden is a town steeped in rich frontier history. When the Transcontinental Railroad was completed in 1869, locomotives began making their way into town.

  9. An Insider’s Guide to the Alabama Coastal Birdfest

    The Gulf Coast is one of the most important birding habitats in the world.

  10. How to Get Started Caving in Alabama

    How to get started exploring subterranean Alabama, one of America’s most popular caving destinations.

  11. 6 Best Places to Paddle Around Chicago

    With 22 forest preserves and hundreds of miles of waterways, the Windy City is an unexpectedly awesome place to get on the water. Here, 6 great spots to paddle around Chicago.

  12. Scenic Road Cycling Rides Near Charlotte

    Road cyclists in Charlotte can take an easy ride along a greenway or tackle some distance on scenic, rural roads.

  13. The Ultimate Winston-Salem Bucket List for Fall

    The golden days of fall are prime time for hiking, biking, paddling, and playing outdoors in Winston-Salem.

  14. A Summer Stroll Up Bear Lake's Limber Pine Trail: A Quick-Hit Classic

    The Limber Pine Nature Trail is an easy, 1.2-mile loop is perfect for families and beginner hikers. This short hike is one of the best ways to get expansive views of the Bear River Range.

  15. 5 Great Backpacking Trips Within a Day’s Drive of Alabama

    Within a day's drive of Alabama you'll find trails that lead to remarkable stony crags, breathtaking panoramic views, and towering waterfalls.

  16. The Ultimate Alabama Climbing Road Trip

    This Alabama climbing road trip adventure takes you to seven of the state's best crags.

  17. 10 of the Best Trail Races for Fall

    With cooler temperatures and a stunning palette of colorful landscapes, autumn is a great time for a trail race. Here, 10 of the best trail races for fall.

  18. How to Protect Yourself from the Elements on Your Next Hike

    Whether you're headed out on an easy out-and-back or a weekend trip, protecting yourself from the elements is key to staying safe.

  19. How to Spend a Week in the Outer Banks of North Carolina

    From fascinating aviation history to an array of outdoor adventure, the you'll find plenty to do on the Outer Banks of North Carolina.

  20. 8 Essential Bike Repair Skills You Need to Know

    From fixing a flat to keeping your chain in good working order, here are 8 essential bike repair skills you need to know.

  21. Cycling the Centennial Trail: A Scenic Loop Along the Banks of the Ogden River

    The Centennial Trail forms a loop around Ogden, Utah, linking together the greenbelts along the Ogden and Weber rivers.

  22. How to Get Started With Mountain Biking in Charlotte

    Charlotte is home to miles of beginner-friendly trails, group rides, instructional clinics, and events where you can gather with other riders.

  23. Biking and Camping on the Silver Comet and Chief Ladiga Trails

    How to pull off a multi-day biking and camping trip on the paved Silver Comet and Chief Ladiga trails stretching from Georgia to Alabama.

  24. Plan the Perfect Weekend Getaway in Maine's Lakes & Mountains

    For one perfect weekend in the Lakes and Mountains, these are our top picks for what to eat, drink, and explore.

  25. The 12 Best Swimming Holes & Waterfalls in Maine's Lakes and Mountains

    The vast western region called the Lakes and Mountains claims a fair share of these waterways, with endless falls and swimming holes that invite lazy afternoons by the river. Here are 12 of our favorites for swimming, hiking, and riverside picnics.

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