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  1. An Adventure Guide to Utah's Logan Canyon

    Scenic Logan Canyon is a magnet for outdoor adventure, including rock climbing, hiking, mountain biking, horseback riding, and fly-fishing in the warmer months, and skiing and and snowmobiling in the winter.

  2. How to Enjoy Logan's Excellent Arts Scene

    Nestled in northern Utah’s Cache Valley, the vibrant city of Logan is consistently named among the best places in the state to live. It’s also known for its lively arts scene, providing visitors a wide variety of cultural experiences to enjoy.

  3. What to Know About the Massanutten Trail: A Must-Ride 70-Mile Mountain Bike Loop in Virginia's Shenandoah Valley

    The 70-mile Massanutten Trail in the Shenandoah Valley is a treasure for all sorts of outdoor enthusiasts, but especially for adventure-craving mountain bikers with nerves of steel.

  4. How to Go Beach Backpacking

    Beach backpacking is great because you can camp anywhere, right? Not quite. There are some important things you'll want to keep in mind.

  5. The Story Behind North Carolina's Pilot Mountain State Park

    Pilot Mountain has guided centuries of travelers, from nomadic Native Americans to Moravian immigrants.

  6. Come for the Bourbon, Stay for the Most Beautiful Small Town in America

    In addition to the distilleries, Bardstown, Kentucky also has wineries, a wealth of history, and outdoor fun to offer its visitors.

  7. 6 Historic (and Spooky) Places to Visit in Bardstown, Kentucky

    Rumors of hauntings in old mansions and abandoned jails make this southern town a real gem for ghost hunters and thrill-seekers.

  8. 48 Hours in the Bourbon Capital of the World

    Reputed to be one of the most beautiful small towns in America, Bardstown will keep you busy visiting distilleries, enjoying local restaurants, and relaxing in an historic inn or quaint bed and breakfast.

  9. 5 Inventive Bourbon Cocktails Inspired by The Bourbon Capital of the World®

    Try an original Bardstown, Kentucky recipe for tongue-tingling and refreshingly original Bourbon cocktails.

  10. So, You Want to Run the TransRockies?

    In August 2017, RootsRated Media Editor, Abbie Mood, took on the epic 3-day TransRockies stage race. Here, she offers six insider tips about what to expect.

  11. Paddling through Bald Cypress Swamps and Sloughs in Western Kentucky: An Otherworldly Adventure

    The landscape of Jackson Purchase area of western Kentucky offers a mosaic of wetlands inundated with wildlife-loaded swamps and sloughs, shaded by groves of water-logged bald cypress and tupelo—ecosystems that are exceptionally rare in the Southeast.

  12. A Quick and Dirty Guide to the Best Whitewater Kayaking in Kentucky

    With everything from calm streams to full-on class V rapids, Kentucky is a paddler’s paradise.

  13. How to Explore the Land Between the Lakes: One of the Most Interesting and Adventure-Filled Places in the South

    For such a narrow piece of land, you’d think exploring the Land between the Lakes National Recreation Area would be fairly straightforward. But coming in at 170,000 acres, the area offers visitors a wide variety of activities.

  14. How Kentucky Became One of the Top Paddling States in the Country

    The history of paddling in Kentucky and the best spots in the Bluegrass State to try it for yourself!

  15. How to Start Stand-Up Paddleboarding in Kentucky: What to Know, Where to Go

    Some of our best tips from local experts on how and where to start paddleboarding in Kentucky.

  16. Kentucky's Must-Visit Paddling Towns (and What to Do in Each)

    The amount and variety of water in Kentucky is staggering–from lazy, meandering floats to white-knuckle whitewater. It's no surprise that many of the Trail Towns offer access to amazing paddling opportunities.

  17. 4 Kentucky Canoe Trails That Make For Great Overnight Paddling Trips

    Paddling through Kentucky’s rivers and lakes is one of the best ways to see what the Bluegrass State has to offer.

  18. So, You Want to Start Paddling in Kentucky? Insider Tips for Beginners

    The Bluegrass State is home to more miles of navigable waterways than any other state in the Lower 48, so it’s no wonder that paddling is a favorite summer activity.

  19. Sailing in Kentucky? Your Guide to Uncommon Water Adventures in a Landlocked State

    With so many rivers and lakes, you’ll find plenty of typical boating outings—like whitewater rafting, kayaking, and canoeing—but also a few other unexpected adventures.

  20. 8 Outdoor-Themed Kentucky Events Guaranteed to Be a Great Time

    We’ve put together a list of eight of the best events held throughout the year that will show you some of the best land, lakes, caves, and mountains the Bluegrass State has to offer.

  21. Kentucky's Best Hikes that Lead to Water

    From the well-known Cumberland Falls to the underappreciated Honeymoon Falls, here are some top picks for Kentucky waterfall hikes, plus a bonus trail leading to not one, but two lakes.

  22. The 4 Best Spots to Go Whitewater Rafting in Kentucky

    Many of Kentucky’s best rivers for whitewater rafting are easily accessible while still having that true adventure feel.

  23. 9 Memorable Ways to Get on the Water in Kentucky with the Entire Family

    From afternoons canoeing along undisturbed routes to weeklong vacations on a lakeshore houseboat, the Bluegrass State has a water adventure for every schedule.

  24. The Fascinating Story of Kentucky Bend: A Barely-Inhabited, Isolated Piece of the State Cut-Off By a Curve in the Mississippi River

    This sparse and serene landscape is as remote as an island, and to get here you have to mean it.

  25. An Insider’s Guide to Charlotte’s Booming Road Cycling Scene

    Charlotte's road cycling scene is flourishing due to community advocates, a focus on healthy living, and a commitment to infrastructure.

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